Iskandar Puteri City Council

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Iskandar Puteri City Council
Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri
Local Government Act 1976
Founded 22 November 2017
Adib Azhari
Meeting place
Tapak Bangunan Pejabat MBIP, Jalan Medini Sentral 9, Bandar Medini Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Previously known as Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah or Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council until 2017

The Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP; Malay: Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri) is a local authority which administrates Iskandar Puteri City in Johor, Malaysia. This agency is under Johor state government. MBIP are responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning, environmental protection and building control, social and economic development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure. The MBIP new headquarters is located at Medini.


Formerly known as Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah (MPJBT) (Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council). This agency was granted municipal status in 1995. At that time the total population within its jurisdiction was 535,000 and in 2008 is estimated to be well over 700,000 making it one of Malaysia's largest urban areas.[citation needed] In future it will continue to see rapid increases in population as many of the new development nodes of the Iskandar Malaysia region are located within or adjacent to its boundaries. It may well be bifurcated in future as regional centres like Skudai-Nusajaya and Tebrau-Plentong develop similar to how Subang Jaya was carved out of Petaling Jaya in the 90's.[citation needed]

Organisation chart[edit]

Mayor (Datuk Bandar) of Iskandar Puteri[edit]

Adib Azhari

Administration areas[edit]


  1. Jabatan Pentadbiran
  2. Jabatan Perbendaharaan
  3. Jabatan Komunikasi dan Tekonlogi Maklumat
  4. Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa
  5. Jabatan Bangunan dan Kejuruteraan
  6. Jabatan Penilaian dan Pengurusan Harta
  7. Jabatan Undang-undang
  8. Jabatan Kesihatan dan Lesen
  9. Jabatan Lanskap dan Rekreasi
  10. Jabatan Bekalan dan Kontrak
  11. OSC

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