Johor State Legislative Assembly

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Johor State Legislative Assembly
Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor
13th Johor State Legislative Assembly
Founded 1959
Sultan Ibrahim Ismail
Since 23 January 2010
Mohamad Aziz, BNUMNO
Since 20 June 2013
Deputy Speaker
Baderi Dusuki, BNUMNO
Since 20 June 2013
Menteri Besar
Mohamed Khaled Nordin, BNUMNO
Since 14 May 2013
Opposition Leader
Gan Peck Cheng[1], PHDAP
Since 27 October 2015
Shubanah Yusuf[2]
Seats 56
Quorum: 19
Simple majority: 29
Two-thirds majority: 37
Johor Assembly seating plan.svg
Political groups

(As of 24 February 2016)
     Barisan Nasional (37)

EXCO Members: 11
Backbenchers: 27

     Pakatan Harapan (16)

     PAS (3)

     Vacant (0)
Plurality: First-past-the-post (56 single-member constituencies)
Last election
5 May 2013
Next election
on or before 20 August 2018
Meeting place
Sultan Ismail Building.JPG
Sultan Ismail Building, Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya, Johor

The Johor State Legislative Assembly (Malay: Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor) is the unicameral legislature of the Malaysian state of Johor. It is composed of 56 members who are elected from single-member constituencies throughout the state. Elections are held no more than five years apart, along with elections to the federal parliament and other state assemblies (except Sarawak).

The State Assembly convenes at Sultan Ismail Building in Kota Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri.

Current composition[edit]

37[3] 16 3
Barisan Nasional PH PAS


The Johor State Legislative Assembly's main function is to enact laws that apply in the state. It is also the forum for members to voice their opinions on the state government's policies and implementation of those policies. Under the Privileges, Immunities and Powers Ordinance 1963, assemblymen are given the right to freely discuss current issues such as public complaints. On financial matters, the Assembly approves supply to the government and ensures that the funds are spent as approved and in the tax-payers' interest.

The State Executive Council (EXCO) is appointed from members of the State Assembly. Led by the Menteri Besar, it exercises executive power on behalf of the Sultan and is responsible to the State Assembly.

Johor state election, 2013[edit]

e • d Summary of the 5 May 2013 Johor State Assembly election results
Votes % of vote +/– Seats % of seats +/–
Barisan Nasional: 737,990 53.99% Decrease 38 68.0 Decrease12
United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) 459,921 33.65% Decrease 32 57.0 Steady
Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) 203,501 14.89% Decrease 2 4.0 Decrease10
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) 56,602 4.14% Decrease 3 5.0 Decrease4
Malaysian People's Movement Party (Gerakan) 17,966 1.31% Decrease 1 2.0 Decrease1
Pakatan Rakyat: 625,851 45.79% Increase 18 32.0 Increase12
Democratic Action Party (DAP) 252,934 18.50% Increase 13 23.0 Increase9
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) 292,588 21.41% Decrease 4 7.0 Increase2
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) 80,329 5.88% Increase 1 2.0 Increase1
Independents and others 3,065 0.22% Increase 0 0.0 Steady
Independents 3,065 0.22% Increase 0 0.0 Steady
Valid votes 1,366,906 '
Invalid/blank votes
Total votes ' ' Steady ' ' Steady
Registered voters ' '


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