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Join Network Studio
Network Studio
Founded Jilin, People's Republic of China (March 25, 2000)
Headquarters Changchun, Jilin, People's Republic of China
Website Join Online

Join Network Studio(Chinese: 卓音工作室; pinyin: Zhuó Yīn Gōng Zuò Shì; Cantonese Yale: coek3 jam1 gung1 zok3 sat1) of Northeast Normal University China is affiliated with Student Career Service Center of NENU. This is a non-profit organization composed by some undergraduate students. All departments except Software Department of the studio are located at the administration building of the main campus of NENU, and Software Department is situated in the Jingyue campus. The mission of Join Network Studio is to construct a top-class supporting system of college employment work in China.


At the time of 1999, the informationization of the employment for graduates of China had not started yet, and there is hardly any specialized websites of employment information for graduates. Employment information service was in the stage of low efficiency and high cost, and paper was the medium used most commonly. The reformation on informationization of the employment and the idea of the invisible market on the World Wide Web had not been established on a large scale. The decision makers of the work on employment for students realized that it is necessary to construct a top-ranking employment information service system for ensuring the work on employment maintaining top-class. Join Network Studio was established at March 25, 2000 for this purpose.[1]

The Name "Join"[edit]

The name "Join" stands for "Job information", and the English word "join" implies the meaning of solidarity. The Chinese name "卓音" (Chinese: 卓音; pinyin: Zhuó Yīn; Cantonese Yale: coek3 jam1) is transliterated according to the [Mandarin] pronunciation, meaning "voice of excellence". Members of the studio call themselves Joiners (卓音人).

Belief of Join[edit]

The Belief Wall

The belief of Join Network Studio is that Information Creates Competitive Power (信息创造竞争力). This sentence is written on the Belief Wall of the studio.


Join Network Studio is composed of 5 departments: Technology Department, System Department, Information Department, Mastermind Department, and Software Department.[2]

A Brief Description about Departments of Join Network Studio
Department Responsibility Minister
Technology Department

1. Participate in the preliminary design and development of new projects
2. Participate in the technological development and maintenance of projects
3. Take charge of recording and archiving of projects
4. Take charge of striving to make technological breakthrough and researching and developing

tangjw (汤进伟)
System Department

1. Assure that servers and computers for development run normally
2. Maintain and repair other electrical appliance such as printers
3. Build the platforms for servers running and development
4. Sort out the FTP servers at regular intervals
5. Backup databases at regular intervals

kinas (陈昀)
Information Department

1. Participate in the preliminary design and development of new projects
2. Design web pages
3. Gather information about employment and post to Employment Union of Normal Universities in Northeast China[3]
4. Update data on Join Online[4]

Ink Fragrance Waft up from Flying Feather (王爱婷)
Mastermind Department

1. Support all departments to perform the daily routine work
2. Plan new projects
3. Plan and organize meetings, training programs, and other activities
4. Manage permanent assets and overhead costs
5. Gather and record material from work and life
6. Transfer, edit, and burn video clips

Tiny Chairwarmer (陈文强)
Software Department

1. Take charge of the development of the related software
2. Improve the Employment Working and Intelligence Supporting System (就业办公与情报支持系统)[5]



Main works by Join Network Studio include Employment Union of Normal Universities in Northeast China, Website of Student Career Service Center of NENU, Join Online, Feature Pages, graphic designs and some works aiding foreign.[7]

Employment Union of Normal Universities in Northeast China[edit]

Employment Union of Normal Universities in Northeast China

Employment Union of Normal Universities in Northeast China (东北高师就业联盟网) provides career information service for over 100 thousands graduates from 28 normal universities in northeast China.[8]

Student Career Service Center[edit]

The official website of Student Career Service Center of NENU (学生就业指导服务中心).[9]

Join Online[edit]

Join Online (卓音在线) is the official website of Join Network Studio.[10]

Featured Pages[edit]

  • Featured pages for job fair[11]
  • Featured pages for Employment[12]
  • Featured pages for policy[13]
  • Others[14]

Graphic Designs[edit]

Works Aiding Foreign[edit]

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