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Joint Medical Service
Zentraler Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr
Bundeswehr Logo Sanitaetsdienst with lettering.svg
Active1 October 2000 – present
Country Germany
BranchMedical Corps
RoleMilitary medicine
Size20,053 personnel (31 December 2018)[1]
Anniversaries1 October 2000
Inspector of the Joint Medical ServiceGeneraloberstabsarzt Dr. Ulrich Baumgärtner (German Army)
Stellvertretender Inspekteur des Zentralen Sanitätsdiensts der BundeswehrGeneralstabsarzt Stephan Schoeps (German Army)
Ingo Patschke
Medic during NATO Implementation Force (IFOR) in Croatia 1995
Vehicle of the Sanitätsdienst during KFOR

The Joint Medical Service (German: Zentraler Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr) is a part of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany and serves all three armed services (Army, Navy and Air Force). However, members of the central medical corps remain members of their respective military branches. Only a few specialized medical units such as the medical care for divers and aircraft crews are not incorporated in the Joint Medical Service. Prior to 2002 each military branch had its own medical service. The services were then largely merged, forming the Joint Medical Service.


Ranks of the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service[edit]

SanH 331-Generaloberstabsarzt-(Humanmedizin).png GE-NAVY-OF-8med AdmOStArzt.svg
rank insignia
rank insignia

Army and Airforce[edit]

Human Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Veterinary Army and Airforce Foreign equivalents
Stabsarzt Stabsarzt Stabsapotheker Stabsveterinär Hauptmann Captain
Oberstabsarzt Oberstabsarzt Oberstabsapotheker Oberstabsveterinär Major Major
Oberfeldarzt Oberfeldarzt Oberfeldapotheker Oberfeldveterinär Oberstleutnant Lieutenant Colonel
Oberstarzt Oberstarzt Oberstapotheker Oberstveterinär Oberst Colonel
Generalarzt Generalarzt Generalapotheker Brigadegeneral Brigadier General
Generalstabsarzt Generalmajor Major General
Generaloberstabsarzt Generalleutnant Lieutenant General


Human Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Navy Foreign equivalents
Stabsarzt Stabsarzt Stabsapotheker Kapitänleutnant Lieutenant
Oberstabsarzt Oberstabsarzt Oberstabsapotheker Korvettenkapitän Lieutenant Commander
Flottillenarzt Flottillenarzt Flottillenapotheker Fregattenkapitän Commander
Flottenarzt Flottenarzt Flottenapotheker Kapitän zur See Captain
Admiralarzt Admiralarzt Admiralapotheker Flottillenadmiral Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
Admiralstabsarzt Konteradmiral Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
Admiraloberstabsarzt Vizeadmiral Vice Admiral

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