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In the United Kingdom, the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC), (Welsh: Y Cyd-bwyllgor Gweinidogion), is a consultative body established by a memorandum of understanding between the UK Government and devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The JMC seeks to act as a focus for the coordination of the relationships between these administrations.


The terms of reference for the JMC are:[1]

  • "To consider non-devolved matters which impinge on devolved responsibilities, and devolved matters which impinge on non-devolved responsibilities."
  • "Where the UK government and the devolved administrations so agree, to consider devolved matters if it is beneficial to discuss their respective treatment in different parts of the UK."
  • "To keep the arrangements for liaison between the UK government and the devolved administrations under review."
  • To consider disputes between the administrations."


The current membership of the JMC is as follows:

The following may also attend sessions of the JMC:


The JMC last met on 30 January 2017[2] and prior to that in October 2016 and December 2014.[3][4] It also met before that during Tony Blair’s premiership.[5] Under proposals outlined by Theresa May in October 2016, the JMC will meet on an annual basis and will rotate between London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. It will also publish an annual report on its work and proceedings.[6] There are three types of JMC meeting formats; plenary, domestic and European.[7][8]


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