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Joint Warfare Centre
Coat of arms of the Joint Warfare Centre.svg
Coat of arms
Active23 October 2003–
Country NATO
Part ofAllied Command Transformation
HeadquartersStavanger, Norway
Germany Rear Admiral Jan C. Kaack [1]

The Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) is a NATO establishment headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

It was established at Jåttå on 23 October 2003 as a subordinate command of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT).[2] The purpose of this was to have a command with responsibility for training and exercise of the NATO headquarters. The old Joint Headquarters North (JHQ NORTH) was abolished and command transferred to the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, Virginia, USA


Locations of NATO's two strategic commands—Allied Command Transformation (ACT; yellow marks) and Allied Command Operations (ACO; red marks)—the latter of which has Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) as its headquarters. The subordinate centres of ACT and subordinate commands and joint force commands of ACO are also shown, minus the new Joint Force Command - Norfolk.

The JWC provides NATO's training focal point for full spectrum joint operational level warfare.[2]

JWC Mission:[2]

  • Provide operational level joint training in support of ongoing operations;
  • Conduct and supports collective training of joint and combined staffs of the NATO Command Structure (NCS) and NATO Force Structure (NFS) for Major Joint Operations (MJOs) and Small Joint Operations (SJOs), integrating NATO Members' national capacities, regional security organizations' initiatives and Partnership for Peace (PfP);
  • Provide key leader training capability;
  • Support adherence to joint operational warfare doctrine and standards;
  • Assist the developmental and experimental work of Allied Command Transformation (ACT) on new concepts, technologies, modeling and simulation;
  • Performs joint analysis, collects lessons learned and feeds them back into the transformational network through the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned (JALLC).

The NATO Command Structure (NCS), consisting of two strategic commands directed by the North Atlantic Council (NAC):[3]

Liaison:          Provides advice and support to the NAC
Political strategic level:
Brussels, BE
Brussels, BE
Military strategic level:
Coat of arms of the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.svg
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
International Military Staff DGIMS (IMS)
Brussels, BE
Greater coat of arms of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.svg
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Mons, BE
Emblem of Allied Command Transformation.svg
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Norfolk, US
Operational level:
Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum JFCBS Brunssum, NL
Joint Warfare Centre JWC Stavanger, NO
Allied Air Command AIRCOM Ramstein, DE
Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre JALLC Lisbon, PT
Allied Maritime Command MARCOM Northwood, GB
Joint Force Training Centre JFTC Bydgoszcz, PL
Allied Land Command LANDCOM İzmir, TR
NATO Communication and Information Systems Group CIS GP
Allied Joint Force Command Naples JFCNP Naples, IT

Commanders and Directors[edit]

The Commanders and Directors of the Joint Warfare Centre:

Général de division Jean-Fred Berger, Commander JWC June 2011 to June 2013
Nr. Name Country Commencement of post End of post
9 Konteradmiral Jan C. Kaack  Germany July 2019
8 Generał dywizji Andrzej Reudowicz  Poland July 2016 July 2019
7 Generalmajor Reinhard Wolski [de]  Germany September 2014 July 2016
6 Generalleutnant Erhard Bühler  Germany June 2013 September 2014
5 Général de division Jean-Fred Berger  France June 2011 June 2013
4 Generalleutnant Wolfgang Korte [de]  Germany July 2007 June 2011
3 Air Marshal Peter Brett Walker  United Kingdom February 2005 July 2007
2 Major-General James Short  United Kingdom September 2004 February 2005
1 Generalløytnant Thorstein Skiaker  Norway October 2003 September 2004


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