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FoundryMicrosoft, International Typeface Corporation
Date created1995

Jokerman is a decorative typeface created in 1995 by British designer Andrew K. Smith.[1] It employs dots, spirals and straight lines that can be either attached or placed near each letter or integrated into the character to create negative space. It is described by Microsoft as having "fanciful internal and external elements".[2]

ITC Jokerman Hellenic[edit]

Designed by its rights from the International Typeface Corporation, it is known as "Jokerman Hellenic" or "ITC Jokerman Hellenic".[3]


As a decorative display typeface, Jokerman is mostly used for humor and vitality. It has not yet seen commercial usage on television. Jokerman is commonly used as a display for signage and branding, notably in coffee shops, beverage bars, and even cafeterias due to its complicated shapes. Jokerman is also spoofed on logos, notably the Costco and Rite Aid brands.[4] [5]

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