Jokingly Saying

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Jokingly Saying
Jokingly Saying Cover.jpg
Studio album by Prudence Liew
Released 1989
August 1, 2006 (re-issue)
Recorded 1988-1989
Genre Cantopop
Length 44:05
Label BMG
Producer Joseph Chan
Prudence Liew chronology
笑說 Jokingly Saying
赤裸感覺 The Naked Feeling
Singles from 笑說 Jokingly Saying
  1. "愛是無涯 Love Has No Boundaries"
  2. "街邊派對 Street Side Party"
  3. "有人 Someone"

Sieu seoi (笑說 Jokingly Saying) is the fourth studio album of cantopop singer Prudence Liew, released in 1989.

Background information[edit]

After her maternity leave, Liew released this album in late 1989. This is also her first album to be released by BMG Pacific as it had just acquired Current Records.[1] This album was a mixture of locally composed songs and covers of rather well-known American and Japanese songs. Of the three singles, two were covers and one was an original composition.

Also included in this album was the song "Fate 緣", which was previously released on the EP of the same title.


  • Track 1: "愛是無涯 ( Love Has No Boundaries )" was a cover of Frances Yip's Cantonese version of Cliff Richard's single, "Ocean Deep" released in 1985 as a double A-side to "Baby You're Dynamite". Liew's version was released as the lead single off this album.
  • Track 3: "Yesterday Dreamer" was a cover of J-pop singer Yū Hayami's song of the same title, released in 1988.
  • Track 5: "你說是甜我說苦 ( Your Words Are Sweet, Mine Are Bitter )" was a cover of "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue", made famous by Crystal Gayle in 1977.
  • Track 7: "有人 ( Someone )" was a cover of the Brian Hyland hit from 1962, "Sealed with a Kiss". This song created buzz due to Australian singer Jason Donovan's cover version, whtch topped the UK Singles Chart for two weeks in June 1989. BMG Music quickly secured the rights for this song in Hong Kong for Liew and pushed her to record it.[1] The arrangement of Liew's version changed the original gentle ballad into a dance song with a pulsating beat. It was released as the third single of the album.

Track listing[2][edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "愛是無涯 (Love Has No Boundaries)" Ching Chuen Tong Rodney Trott, Jonathan Sweet 5:18
2. "我笑說 (I Said Jokingly)" Chan Siu Kei Peter Wong 4:28
3. "Yesterday Dreamer" Man Cheng Yat Christian Bruhn, Erica Bruhn, D. Votion 4:37
4. "慢鏡 (Slow-Motion)" Richard Lam Van Den Heuvel, Verheye 3:59
5. "你說是甜我說苦 (Your Words Are Sweet, Mine Are Bitter)" Yuen Leung Poon Richard Leigh 3:27
6. "街邊派對 (Street Side Party)" Richard Lam Richard Yung 4:38
7. "有人 (Someone)" Albert Leung Peter Udell, Gary Geld 4:21
8. "異鄉邂逅 (Encounter in a Foreign Land)" Thomas Chow Kwong Wing Chan 3:45
9. "消極的愛 (Depressing Love)" Cheuk Fai Lau Henry Lai 4:45
10. "緣 (Fate)" Yuen Leung Poon Joseph Chan 4:47
Total length: 44:05


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