Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt

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Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt
Presented by
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 9+
Distributor Endemol

Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt (English: Joko vs. Klaas – The Battle around the World) is a German reality series, broadcast on the German television network ProSieben on prime time.

It is a show that pins its two stars against one another in a series of challenges all over the globe. Hosts Joachim ‘Joko’ Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf give each other a series of outrageous and tough challenges in countries all over the world; they know where they’re going but have no idea what they will have to do until they get there. It is a travel game show and reality series where each host tries to push the other to their limits in an attempt to be crowned the “world champion” by taking on all the obstacles and coming out on top as the one who has won the battle for world domination.


Season Episode Date Winner
1 Episode 1 21 July 2012 Joko
Episode 2 25 August 2012 Klaas
2 Episode 3 19 October 2013 Klaas
Episode 4 30 November 2013 Joko
Episode 5 4 January 2014 Klaas
3 Episode 6 6 September 2014 Klaas
Episode 7 25 October 2014 Joko
Episode 8 22 November 2014 Joko
4 Episode 9 26 September 2015 Klaas
Episode 10 31 October 2015 Klaas
Episode 11 12 december 2015