Jolarpettai Junction railway station

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Jolarpettai Junction
ஜோலார்பேட்டை சந்திப்பு
Jolarpet Junction.jpeg
Jolarpet Junction
Location Tirupattur-Vaniyambadi Road, Jolarpet, Vellore Dt-635 851 Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates 12°33′33″N 78°34′36″E / 12.5593°N 78.5767°E / 12.5593; 78.5767Coordinates: 12°33′33″N 78°34′36″E / 12.5593°N 78.5767°E / 12.5593; 78.5767
Elevation 417 metres (1,368 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Line(s) Chennai Central-Bangalore City line
Jolarpettai–Shoranur line
Platforms 5
Tracks 16
Connections Taxi, Autorickshaw, Bus
Parking Available
Bicycle facilities Available
Other information
Station code JTJ
Fare zone Southern Railways
Electrified Yes
Passengers 20,000 per day on average

Jolarpettai Junction railway station is one of the busiest railway station in Vellore district and an important Chennai division that connects kerala and Bangalore bound trains. The station is served by 5 platforms in which 4 and 5 platforms primarily serve trains bound from Bangalore to Chennai and Coimbatore-Salem to Chennai bound trains. Platform 1 and 2 serve for Chennai to Salem-Coimbatore-Kerala bound trains. Platform 3 or 4 for Chennai-Bangalore bound trains. This town is named after a British person " JOLAR" who was assigned the job of creating a place for Railway basement for their employees.

Salient Features[edit]

This place is the crossroads for south west & south east bound trains. Trains from north and east India should pass by this way only. It has the Second Largest Railway Yard in Asia[citation needed]. Per day 121 trainspass through Jolarpet. They have a centre for southern railway to repair goods compartments .. The history of Jolarpettai Junction goes back to the 1860s. When Madras Railways is started the rail started running from Royapuram to Wallajah Road,. In the mean time rail line work was started in 1864 in the Jolarpettai - Bangalore Contonement route in which Bangalore mail started its journey in 1868. The Brindavan Express when introduced in the late 1960s was considered one of the fastest train at that time which crosses the Jolarpettai - Bangalore cantonment section in 1 hour 30 min. This shows how people worked in this part of railways those days.

Jolarpettai Junction is one of the biggest junction in the Indian Railways and is the only station in Asia having sixteen tracks. This Junction handles about 60 passenger trains daily of which few trains originate from this Junction notable one is the popularly called JP express (Yelagiri Exp). This Junction doesn't satisfies the norms for the status of junction which actually has to connect all the four direction but connecting only three direction Salem, Bangalore and Chennai. This will be soon compensated by the proposed Tiruvannamalai Route as well as another route proposed by the government Jolarpet Junction to Hosur via Krishnagiri.

Jolarpettai Junction is one of the Class A junctions in the Southern Railways which comes under Chennai Division. This junction has all the facilities of workshop, shelter for the goods trains. This junction has the ticket counter in the first floor on the bridge. This junction has two bridges one with steps and another with the ramp which connects two villages of the town, Kodiyur and Eadayampatti. There are 5 railway stations which serve this town.

Sl No. Station Name Station Code
1 Jolarpet Junction JTJ
2 Tirupattur TPT
3 Kettandapatti KDY
4 Somanayakampatti SKPT
5 Kagankarai KEY


A food plaza maintained by IRCTC is located on platforms 2 and 3. Platform 2,3,4 and 5 platforms also have refreshment stalls, ranging from Aavin milk booth, coffee shops, Hotel, Book stall and Fruit stalls. Toilets and bathrooms are available in plaftform no:2, 3. ATM is located near the main entrance. Digital board in platform no.2,3 and 4 shows the departure and arrival of trains with coach numbers. RPF Police station located at platform no:3, Parcel booking office, Railway Mailing Service (RMS)are available. Waiting rooms for Upper class and sleeper class passengers are available in platforms 2,3 and 4 and. Separate Waiting hall for ladies also available.

This station has two counters for unreservation tickets in first floor of the main building in between platform 2 and 3. Reservation for long distance trains is located at Main entrance of the railway station in separate building with two counters. For passengers security, the southern railways has installed cameras in various places.


Car parking is in the Eastern end (Main Entrance) as well as in the Western end of the station. Bike parking is near Eastern end station


Near the Eastern end (Main Entrance) there is Bus Stop which main line of Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur Road. It is well connected by roadways to various parts of vellore district and connects all over Tamil Nadu since the highway (NH 46) from Chennai to Krishnagiri passes through the outskirts of the town via Natrampalli. It is also connected with the Bangalore - Kerala Highway (No. 11) and it is also located on the Vellore to Salem main road.



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