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Hangul 졸본
Hanja 卒本
Revised Romanization Jolbon
McCune–Reischauer Cholpon

Jolbon was the capital of a small, Korean tribal state which arose in the northern Korean peninsula from perhaps 1st century BCE.[1]

In 37 BCE, Jumong had fled from Dongbuyeo to avoid death at the hands of Dongbuyeo's Crown Prince Daeso, who presented great jealousy towards Jumong.[2] After he fled, Jumong established a new kingdom in 37 BCE called Goguryeo in Jolbon region. In Jolbon, he married to Soseono (or So Seo-no), who was the daughter of local leader.[3]

Jolbon was the first capital city of the ancient Korean Kingdom of Goguryeo from 37 BCE – 3 CE. [4] The second ruler, Yuri moved its capital to Gungnae Fortress.[5]


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