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Jollo was an online translation website where users can instantly translate texts into 23 languages, request human translations from a community of volunteers around the world and compare the correctness of several leading machine translation websites. It is currently dead.


Jollo was a free Web 2.0 website that is attempting to redefine the way in which people translate online through the use of existing machine translation websites and a community of volunteers who correct and rate translations. The system relies on a similar methodology as computer-assisted translation to ensure translation quality, and features a public translation memory that records past translations.[1]

Jollo received some notable media attention. According to The Daily Telegraph.[2] According to the popular blog KillerStartups [3] Jollo combines the best of two worlds - the speed of machine translations plus the benefit of human reviews to ensure translation quality. According to blogger Jeffrey Hill from The English Blog [4] the community features make Jollo an interesting alternative to other online translation services.


The Jollo website was classified as beta.

Jollo was developed using LAMP and had been praised for its colorful graphics and simple user interface.

Jollo offerred a simple web-based API that could be used for translations.

For example, the URL:

was used to translate the sentence "I love you" from English into Chinese.


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