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Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature is a biennial literary award given by the Kenya Publishers' Association.[1] It has been called "the most prestigious literary award in the country".[2]

The first award was in 1974, however due to financial constraints it was unable to continue.[1] In 1990 the award was revived with sponsorship from the Text Book Centre, and the first prize given in 1992.[1]









  • English Adult Fiction first place: Stanley Gazemba, The Stone Hills of Maragoli
  • English Adult Fiction second place: Tobias Otieno, The Missing Links
  • English Adult Fiction third place: Paul Nakitare, I Shall Walk Alone
  • English Children's first place: Wahome Mutahi, The Ghost of Garbatula
  • Kiswahili first place: Ken Walibora, Ndoto ya Amerika








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