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Jonathan G. Lind, professionally known as Jon Lind, is an American songwriter and performer.


Lind, was raised in New York City. He studied classical guitar at the Mannes College of Music. His first break was in the 1970s where he worked with Bob Cavallo. At this period he met producer and visionary Maurice White who recorded his songs with Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind and Fire. He was also a member of the band Howdy Moon and The Fifth Avenue Band. He has written songs for soulful artists such as The Emotions, Jennifer Holliday, D.J. Rogers, Atlantic Starr and Ramsey Lewis. In 1984, Lind signed with Warner Brothers. He was a Senior Vice President of A&R at Hollywood Records.[1]

Song selection[edit]


The Fifth Avenue Band[edit]

  • The Fifth Avenue Band (Reprise 6369 - 1969)
Side 1
  1. "Fast Freight" (Peter Gallway)
  2. "One Way Or The Other" (Kenny Altman)
  3. "Good Lady Of Toronto" (Peter Gallway)
  4. "Eden Rock" (Kenny Altman - Peter Gallway)
  5. "Country Time Rhymes" (Peter Gallway)
  6. "Calamity Jane" (Peter Gallway)
Side 2
  1. "Nice Folks" (Kenny Altman)
  2. "Cockeyed Shame" (Peter Gallway)
  3. "Faithful Be Fair" (Kenny Altman)
  4. "In Hollywood" (Peter Gallway)
  5. "Angel" (Jon Lind)
  • The Fifth Avenue Band - Really (Pony Canyon, Japan, 1990)

Howdy Moon[edit]

White Horse[edit]

  • White Horse (Capitol 1977)


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