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Jon Moynihan, (born 21 June 1948) is the Chair and co-Principal of Ipex Capital, the demerged high-technology venture capital arm of PA Consulting Group of which he was formerly Executive Chairman. Moynihan joined PA, an employee-owned firm of over 2,000 people, specialising in management and IT consulting, technology and innovation, in 1992, as CEO when PA was on the brink of bankruptcy. He retired at the end of 2013. In 1997 The Wall Street Journal published an article giving an extensive review of PA’s turnaround, focusing on Moynihan’s role in that.[1] In 1999, London’s The Sunday Times published an article discussing PA’s further success, highlighting Moynihan’s contribution to that.[2] PA grew to become, according to a recent article in the Independent "the most important firm you never heard of".[3] A 2015 article in Consultancy News, about PA's recent acquisition by the Carlyle Group stated "Following arguably one of the most noteworthy turnarounds in consulting's history, PA under the leadership of former CEO Jon Moynihan (who also introduced the firm's fully employee-owned business model) regained its flair, laying the foundation for the firm's successful heritage over the past two decades".[4] The stake by Carlyle, valuing PA at $1 billion according to the Financial Times,[5] preserved PA's employee ownership ethos while giving Carlyle a 51% stake in the Group.

Moynihan created PA's venture capital arm.[6]

Charitable and voluntary activities, and other personal data[edit]

Moynihan is a Foundation Fellow of and, from 1995 to 2007, Chairman of the Campaign Board at Balliol College, which helped raise during his chairmanship some £35 million for the College and the Oxford Internet Institute. His leadership is considered important in transforming the College’s fundraising into a professional operation.[7] He was a founder member of the Dean's Council, MIT Sloan School of Management. He was a member of the Dean's Business Advisory Group at the Said Business School from 1999-2006. Moynihan was instrumental in encouraging a major benefaction to the School for the Ernest Butten Professorship of Management Studies.[7] He helped found, and was first Chairman of, The Helen Bamber Foundation, a charity headed by Helen Bamber that works with refugee victims of human rights violations. In 2010 Moynihan was created a 'Distinguished Friend of Oxford'.[7] From 2011-2016 he was a Fellow of Gray's Inn. Moynihan has been a Member of Council at the Royal Albert Hall since 2012 and was elected as its President in 2015.[8] He is also a member of Imperial Court.[9] He is on the Board of Business for Britain and of Vote Leave. Jon is a citizen of the United Kingdom and is married to Patricia Underwood, the Coty Award-winning hat designer and Board member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.[10]