Jon Nuss

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Jon Nuss
Personal information
Country represented United States
Born (1987-06-22) June 22, 1987 (age 29)
Height 173 cm (5.68 ft)
Former partner Jessica Rose Paetsch
Kristin Nuss
Coach Dalilah Sappenfield
Choreographer Dalilah Sappenfield
Skating club Broadmoor SC
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 139.40
2007 JGP Germany
Short program 50.19
2007 JGP Germany
Free skate 89.21
2007 JGP Germany

Jon Nuss (born June 22, 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona) is an American pair skater. With former partner Jessica Rose Paetsch, he is the 2008 U.S. Junior Champion and a two-time bronze medalist at the Junior Grand Prix Final.


Jon Nuss originally competed with younger sister Kristin Nuss. He teamed up with Jessica Rose Paetsch in May 2005.[1] Paetsch & Nuss are the 2006 US National novice champions and 2007 national junior bronze medalists. They won the bronze medal at the 2006 Junior Grand Prix Final.

Although they placed fourth on the day, they were later awarded the bronze medal from the 2007–2008 Junior Grand Prix Final following the retroactive disqualification of first-place-finishers Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov due to a positive doping sample from Larionov. This bronze medal guaranteed Paetsch & Nuss a spot on the 2008–2009 Grand Prix of Figure Skating. They were assigned to the 2008 Skate Canada International Grand Prix competition.

Paetsch and Nuss announced the end of their partnership on July 14, 2008.[2]

Competitive highlights[edit]

Men's singles[edit]

Event 1999 2003
U.S. Championships 6th N.
Junior nationals 2nd Ju.
N. = Novice level; Ju. = Juvenile level


(with Paetsch)

Event 2005–2006 2006–2007 2007–2008
World Junior Championships 5th
U.S. Championships 1st N. 3rd J. 1st J.
Junior Grand Prix Final 3rd 3rd[3]
Junior Grand Prix, Germany 1st
Junior Grand Prix, USA 5th
Junior Grand Prix, Taipei 3rd
Junior Grand Prix, Hungary 4th
N. = Novice level; J. = Junior level


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