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Jon Paulien
Jonathan K. Paulien

1949 (age 69–70)
Alma materAtlantic Union College
Andrews University
OccupationProfessor, writer
Seventh-day Adventist theologian

Jonathan K. Paulien (born 1949) is a Seventh-day Adventist theologian.


Paulien has a BA from Atlantic Union College, and an MDiv and PhD from Andrews University. His doctoral thesis, Decoding Revelation’s Trumpets: Literary Allusions and Interpretation of Revelation 8:7-12 was completed in 1987. Prior to his PhD, he worked as a Seventh-day Adventist church pastor for several years in New York City.

He was professor of New Testament Interpretation at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He spent over two decades at Andrews.[1] In 2007, he became dean of the Faculty of Religion at Loma Linda University, a position he held until 2019.

He and his wife Pamella have three children.


Paulien stated he has found material on the "stages of faith" to be "the most life-changing material I have ever learned or shared."[2]


Paulien writes primarily for a Seventh-day Adventist audience. The majority of his books and articles have been published by non-academic publishing houses and magazines owned by the Seventh-day Adventist church. His scholarly articles also have been largely published by Seventh-day Adventist journals.

Non-Academic Books[edit]

  • 2008. Armageddon at the Door: An Insider's Guide to the Book of Revelation
  • 2008. Everlasting Gospel, Ever-Changing World
  • 2004. The Deep Things of God: An Insider's Guide to the Book of Revelation
  • 2003. John: The Beloved Gospel
  • 2002. The Day That Changed the World: Seeking God After September 11
  • 2001. Everyday Faith: How to Have an Authentic Relationship With God in the Real World
  • 1999. The Millennium Bug: Is This the End of the World As We Know It
  • 1995. John: Jesus Gives Life to a New Generation (The Abundant life Bible amplifier) with George R. Knight
  • 1994. End Time (full title (As speculation builds, let's keep our eyes focused on) What the Bible says about the end-time)
  • 1993. Present Truth in the Real World: The Adventist Struggle to Keep and Share Faith in a Secular Society


  • "The End of Historicism? Reflections on the Adventist Approach to Biblical Apocalyptic" - "part 1". Journal of the Adventist Theological Society 14:2 (Fall 2003), p15–43; "part 2". JATS 17:1 (Spring 2006), p180–208
  • ""Revisiting the Sabbath in the Book of Revelation".". Journal of the Adventist Theological Society 9:1–2 (1998), p179–186
  • "Armageddon" entry in Anchor Bible Dictionary I:394-5

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