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Jon Sinton is a serial media entrepreneur American working in the radio, television and online industries.

Early career[edit]

Sinton's early radio career was as a program director moving from WIOT in Toledo, Ohio to KDKB in Phoenix, Arizona in 1978.[1] By the 1980s he became a radio consultant and vice-president of research and development for the Atlanta-based Burkhart/Abrams consulting company.[2]

By the 1990s he started his own consulting company, Sinton, Barnes and Associates.[3] In 1994 he worked to get Jim Hightower, a populist radio host, a syndicated radio show, to counterbalance conservative host Rush Limbaugh.[4]

Air America[edit]

In 2003 he began a venture to start a liberal-leaning radio network.[5] That station would become Air America.[6]

Sinton would later use his clout in the radio industry to become outspoken against the Fairness Doctrine[7]

Progressive Voices Institute, Inc.[edit]

In 2011, recognizing that progressives would never catch up on conservative-dominated talk radio or cable television, Sinton and original Air America sales director, Reed Haggard, were joined by online specialist George Vasilopoulos, in starting the non-profit Progressive Voices Institute, Inc. PVI's first educational project is a progressive portal that aggregates all progressive video, audio, and written word in a smartphone application called Progressive Voices App. PV App is an attempt to leverage the burgeoning Mobile internet revolution, and create a Progressive Media Universe on that platform.


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