Jon Snodgrass (musician)

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Jon Snodgrass
Birth name Jon Snodgrass
Genres Punk rock, alternative rock, indie rock, folk punk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1991–present
Labels Suburban Home, Paper + Plastick, Hometown Caravan
Associated acts Joey Cape, Bad Astronaut, Chad Price, Tony Sly, Scorpios, Drag The River, Armchair Martian, Two Cow Garage, Frank Turner, Cory Branan, Lagwagon, Rise Against

Jon Snodgrass is "the guy with the glasses from Drag the River".[1] He is also a member of the groups Armchair Martian and Scorpios, as well as performing solo. He has also collaborated with many other musicians.[2]


Jon Snodgrass was born and raised in St. Joseph Missouri[3] and later settled in Fort Collins, Colorado before forming Armchair Martian in the early 90's.[4] In 1996 he started recording songs with ALL singer Chad Price under the name Drag the River.[3] Since then he has continued putting out music with both bands, as a solo artist and as a member of Scorpios.

He has collaborated with other musicians such as Chad Rex, Hagfish, Descendents, Stephen Egerton, Joey Cape, Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, Cory Branan, Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan (Revival Tour & Hot Water Music), Tim McIlirath (Rise Against), Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music, Ship Thieves), Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake), Scott Reynolds (ALL), Mike Herrera (MxPx), Arliss Nancy and Jimmy Islip


with Armchair Martian

  • barely passing 7in 1994
  • Xenophobe single (Cargo/Headhunter) 1995
  • s/t (Cargo/Headhunter) 1996
  • Monsters Always Scream (My Records) 1997
  • Hang On, Ted (Cargo/Headhunter) 1998
  • War of the Worlds Split with Bad Astronaut (O&O Records) 2001
  • Who Wants To Play Bass? (My Records) 2002
  • Good Guys, Bad Band (Suburban Home Records) 2007

with Drag the River

  • Hobos Demos (Upland/O&O Records) 2000
  • CLOSED (Upland/O&O Records) 2002
  • Live at the Starlight (Mars Motors) 2002[5]
  • At The Green Door LP (Mars Motors) 2003
  • Chicken Demos (Upland/O&O Records) 2004
  • hey, buddies (Mars Motors) 2004
  • a way with women 7in (wallride) 2004
  • a shame/beautiful & damned 7in (third world) 2006
  • It's Crazy (Suburban Home Records) 2006
  • Gabba Gabba Hey, Buddies 12in (Derok) 2007
  • Found All the Parts Split w the Dents (Suburban Home Records) 2007
  • You Can't Live This Way (Suburban Home Records) 2008
  • Under The Influence Sam Cooke/Jeff Black 7in (Suburban Home Records) 2009
  • Can't Leave These Strays 7in (Suburban Home Records) 2009
  • Garage Rock 7in (Suburban Home Records) 2009
  • Bad at Breaking Up 7in/outta print collection (Suburban Home Records) 2009
  • Split 7in w/ Ship Thieves (Hometown Caravan) 2009
  • 2010 Demons LP (Hometown Caravan) 2010
  • Drag the River (Xtra Mile Recordings) 2013

Solo – "Jon Snodgrass & Friends"

with Scorpios

  • s/t LP (self released) 2011 (re-released 2013 Destiny Records, Berlin) / Fat Records
  • Scorpios Too (One Week Records) 2017


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