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Jon Vincent

Jon Vincent (a.k.a. Dave Phillips, John St. Vincent), real name: Jeffrey James Vickers (3 April 1962 – 3 May 2000) was an American pornographic actor who appeared in gay and bisexual pornography. Though he performed in fewer than 40 films,[1] he is considered a porn legend.


Vincent was known for his muscular body and hyper-masculine demeanor. He was also known for talking dirty and for saying harsh and degrading things to the men with whom he had sex in his films. "He was frequently rough with his co-stars, and was even known to put his fist through a wall during an argument with a director."[2] He identified as bisexual and appeared also in several bisexual porn films.[citation needed]

He co-authored his autobiography Thousand and One Night Stands. He was raised in Louisiana. He wanted to be a professional baseball player, and signed with the Kansas City Royals when he was only 20, but either he was fired when involved in a conspiracy to sell cocaine or an injury ended that pursuit. At one point, he dated another late gay porn star Joey Stefano. Though he only mentions having sex with whites and Latinos in his autobiography, in the autobiography of British gay porn star Blue Blake, Blake stated that Vincent had a preference for African-American men in real life.

"Vincent was a thrill junkie: a compulsive seeker of sexual adventure, physical danger, steroids, alcohol, cocaine and finally heroin. Heroin was stronger than he was; it took over his life and finally killed him." [3] He had been a severe drug addict for decades. He died of a heroin overdose[4] in New York City.[5] He is interred with his father in a family crypt in Baton Rouge.

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