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The Jonangi is also known as Jonangi [1] Jagilam or Kolleti Jagilam[2] is an Indian Dog breed, majorly found in separated state of Andhra Pradesh. It was once abundantly found in and around Kolleru Lake of West Godavari and Krishna Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

The Jonangi is not recognized by major kennel clubs in India, but this breed is being locally shown in beach festivals of Andhra Pradesh

Jonangi Pup Shakthi


This jonangi [3] a one-man or one-family dog. It is a very agile dog with long strides and capable of covering very large distances. Jonangi's are known for digging decent sized ditches in ground and staying in it .

Jonangi in Ditch


Females come on heat once in a year and usual litter size is 3–5 puppies.Fertility rate is in line with other Indian Dog breeds

Pair Guarding


Locals believe that duck herders used migrate between Kolleru Lake and Pulicat Lake near Nellore district of Andhra Pradhesh with their Jonangi dogs. Jonangi can also be found around Nellore district.

Jonangi from Krishna District

Near Extinction[edit]

The Jonangi was once commonly found around Kolleru Lake helping local duck farmers in herding their ducks. Farmers around Kolleru have turned towards much profitable aquaculture and the Jonangi that once helped them herding ducks, no longer have a working function, have been left in semi feral state to survive for themselves.

The Jonangi has developed unique fish hunting techniques for its survival, now considered as pest by local Aqua farmers. Local farmers went on killing these dogs to near extinction.

Jonangi full worked out

Breed Revival[edit]

Once this breed was found around the entire coastal region of India, now it’s found mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Goa. Of late major asil breeders and farm owners in Andhra Pradesh are interested in keeping this breed to protect their asil birds and livestock from predators.

Breed stalwarts in Andhra Pradesh:

Mr.Achutaramayya pendyala (Achi Babu) from Tanuku

Mr.Juvvadhi Ragavendhra Rao (Chinna Babu) from Penugonda

Mr.MullapudiNarendra Nath from Tanuku

Dr.Vijayakumar (Late) from Nellore

Local veterinary Administration from East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, along with veterinarian Kapuganti Koteshwara Rao taking interest in this breed and dedicated few stalls for this breed in local beach festivals, they are working towards bringing awareness in locals about this breed.

With dedicated efforts of all the stalwart’s, this breeds has got the last chance of coming back from extinction.

Jonangi from Konkan Coast .Courtesy: Shailesh Nabar


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