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Jonathan Antin (born August 16, 1967 in Los Angeles County, California[1]) is the former owner of two Los Angeles hair salons, Jonathan Salon West Hollywood and Jonathan Salon Beverly Hills. The opening of the latter salon served as the basis for the first season of the reality television series Blow Out, which chronicled his life as an entrepreneur, hair stylist, and hair product creator. He has worked with celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Margaret Cho, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, and Jackie Warner. He also appeared in American Express commercials.


Antin is the brother of pop group the Pussycat Dolls (PCD) founder Robin Antin and director Steve Antin.

Antin was a student at the Fairfax Beauty Academy, and quickly landed a job at a trendy West Hollywood salon. After many years of working his way up the ladder, Antin was able to purchase the salon, where he charged $500 for a haircut.

In 2004, he appeared as a judge of that year's Miss Teen USA Pageant, and in January of the same year he appeared in an episode of Bravo's makeover show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. During the first season of Antin's reality series Blow Out, celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner received an Antin straight-razor haircut. shortly before receiving her own Bravo show.

Antin is no longer associated with product line called Jonathan Product, and is planning the launch of new line of haircare in Fall 2011. He has appeared in two magazines, Inked and Sense. He also appeared as a judge for the third season of the reality-series Shear Genius. In 2010, he made a guest appearance on the tenth season of The Biggest Loser, giving makeovers to the show's final six contestants. Antin joined the cast of L.A. Hair in the beginning of season 4 in summer 2015.


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