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Jonathan Atkins
Bornc. 1610
DiedJanuary 1703 (aged 92–93)
MonumentsSt Elthelburga's Church, Great Givendale[1]
OccupationGovernor of Barbados
Years active1674–1680
PredecessorWilliam Willoughby
SuccessorRichard Dutton
Spouse(s)Elizabeth Anderson

Sir Jonathan Atkins (c. 1610–1703) was Governor of Guernsey and Governor of Barbados.[2][3]

Commissioned into the 1st Foot Guards he was promoted to colonel and served in the Carlisle garrison, becoming Governor of Rochester Castle and then of Guernsey (1665–1670).[4]

On 6 February 1674 he was commissioned Governor-in-Chief of Barbados, receiving his instructions on 28 February 1674.[5] He arrived in Barbados late October or early November 1674.[6] The hurricane of 31 August 1675 was '... the worſt Enemy this Iſland ever knew, ...'.[7] Atkins was recalled and replaced by Sir Richard Dutton in 1680 who 'found the Iſland in a very flourſhing Condition'.[8]

Atkins married Mary Howard, the eldest daughter of Sir William Howard and Mary Eure of Naworth Castle, on 17 November 1642. She died on 9 April 1660. At the age of 51 on 8 October 1661, Atkins married the c. 24-year-old widow, Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Sir John Baker of Sissinghurst in Kent.[9]

On his death his estates were divided between his second son, Richard and his third son, John.


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