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Jonathan Glassner
EducationB.A. Northwestern University
  • Television producer
  • writer
  • director

Jonathan Glassner is a television writer, director, and producer. He is known for his involvement with Stargate SG-1 (where he was executive producer for the first three seasons) and The Outer Limits. Glassner was initially noticed as a writer for his work on Alfred Hitchcock Presents. After writing for several television series, including 21 Jump Street, Glassner moved on to The Outer Limits, which naturally segued into his involvement with Stargate SG-1 as a staff writer and executive producer. His most recent work is as a writer and director for CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and other shows. He was also a co-executive producer on the NBC show Heist and the Fox show Standoff, as well as for Sci-Fi Channel's The Invisible Man.

While at Northwestern University,[1] Glassner also played a leading role in the development and production of Rising Stars, which became the model upon which Star Search was developed.[citation needed] He moved to Los Angeles to become a director and was told that the best way to accomplish that was to start out as a writer.[1] He eventually had enough scripts accepted that he could hire himself as director.[1]



Title Year Credited as Notes
Producer Writer
Mikey 1992 No Yes


The numbers in directing and writing credits refer to the number of episodes.

Title Year Credited as Network Notes
Creator Director Writer Executive
Ohara 1987 No No Yes No ABC unknown episodes
The Wizard 1987 No No Yes (2) No CBS
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1987 No No Yes (3) No USA Network
War of the Worlds 1989 No No Yes (1) No Syndication
Freddy's Nightmares 1989–90 No Yes (1) Yes (7) No Syndication
Nasty Boys 1990 No No Yes (1) No NBC
21 Jump Street 1990–91 No No Yes (5) No Syndication producer (18 episodes)
Street Justice 1991–93 No Yes (1) Yes (8) Yes Syndication
Time Trax 1993 No No Yes (1) No Prime Time Entertainment Network
Island City 1993 No No Yes Yes Prime Time Entertainment Network Television pilot
The Outer Limits 1995–98 No Yes (3) Yes (9) Yes Showtime co-executive producer (1995–96: 20 episodes), executive producer (1997–98: 19 episodes)
Star Trek: Voyager 1996 No No Yes (1) No UPN
Stargate SG-1 1997–2007 Yes Yes (2) Yes (17) Yes Showtime
executive producer (1997-2000: 65 episodes)
The Invisible Man 2000–02 No Yes (1) Yes (6) Yes Syfy consulting producer (2000–01: 22 episodes), executive producer (2002: 1 episode)
Odyssey 5 2002 No No Yes (2) Yes CTV Sci-Fi Channel
CSI: Miami 2003–07 No Yes (5) Yes (4) No CBS consulting producer (2003–04: 24 episodes)
CSI: NY 2005–08 No Yes (4) No No CBS
Close to Home 2006 No Yes (1) No No CBS
Heist 2006 No No No No NBC co-executive producer (3 episodes)
Standoff 2006–07 No Yes (4) No No Fox co-executive producer (17 episodes)
Prison Break 2009 No Yes (1) No No Fox
Covert Affairs 2010–11 No Yes (2) No No USA Network co-executive producer (10 episodes)
Nikita 2011 No Yes (1) No No The CW
Breakout Kings 2011 No Yes (1) No No A&E
Falling Skies 2015 No No Yes (1) No TNT co-executive producer (8 episodes)
The Outpost 2018–21 No Yes (2) Yes (3) Yes The CW executive producer (2018–19: 14 episodes), producer (2018–20: 22 episodes)


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