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Jonathan Gleich

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Jonathan Gleich in 2006

Jonathan Gleich (born October 19, 1958) is a Segway activist who has fought traffic tickets issued as a result of his use of the Segway in his commute to New York City.[1][dead link]

Gleich was one of the first Segway enthusiasts in the New York area, logging more than 10,000 miles.[2][dead link] Using his Segway to commute to work every day has landed him several moving violations, followed by subsequent appearances in court to defend them.[1][3]

In 1979, using an Apple II Plus computer, Gleich co-founded an NYC BBS called Earth News. He expanded it to be the first multi-user (3 user) system running on a Corvus. In 1985, he started ENetwork using a Galacticomm system that supported 16 users simultaneously, and had over 700 active members.[4][failed verification]

Gleich won first prize in the Motorized Float division[5] at the 2009 Coney Island Mermaid Parade appearing as Zoltar (from the film Big) on his Segway.[6][7] In 2008 he won third place[8] as a "Segway Pirate."[9]


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