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Jonathan Grado
Jonathan Grado with Headphones in April 2014.jpg
Jonathan Grado in 2014
Born Jonathan Grado
(1991-04-12) April 12, 1991 (age 24)
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Alma mater Quinnipiac University
Occupation Vice President of Marketing, Grado Labs

Jonathan Grado (born April 1991) is an American entrepreneur and photographer, currently the Vice President of Marketing for Grado Labs.[1][2][3] He is the youngest employee at Grado and the son of John Grado, CEO and President of Grado Labs.[4] He is the next generation of Grado for the family owned company and according to Esquire Magazine is "second-in-command"[5] to John.[6][7]


Jonathan Grado grew up above Grado Labs in Brooklyn, New York with his family[8] and often watched John Grado build headphones until “nap time”.[9] Modded Grado headphones have become called a "Jonathan Grado".[10] In 2009, Jonathan graduated from Xavier High School in New York, NY.[11]

In 2010 Jonathan helped build Grado’s lineup of in-ear models: the iGi, GR8, and GR10. The in-ears were positively received, with What HIFI? saying, "Anybody who is looking for the very best in-ear headphones around would be well advised to start their search here".[12] Jonathan said it was the first time he "was able to be a part of the headphone creation process from a few sketches on a napkin to a physical product”.[9] During his college career he became Director of Social Media for Grado. He was tasked with creating and pushing out new content, visiting Grado distributors, managing Grado Meet & Greets[13] and modernizing Grado's "word-of-mouth"[14] technique. As a teenager, he learned customer service from working at an amusement park in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.[15]

In 2013 Jon Grado graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelors of Arts in graphic design. He went on to work with Sonos and work with them at their LA studio, Sonos Studio.[16] In September 2013, Jonathan was promoted to Vice President of Marketing for Grado, taking over "product photography, creating video content, and all other marketing materials while discovering new venues for Grado to explore” and to "keep strengthening and embracing Grado Lab’s narrative: we're a small family owned audio company that makes products in Brooklyn for those who love music”.[17] Jonathan helped build and spot-check the sound on Grado's collaboration headphone with Bushmills, a headphone made from whiskey barrels.[18] The New York Times praised the headphones, saying it has clear sound and a luxurious bass, though mentioning it might not fit everyone's budget.[19]

In 2014, Jonathan helped Grado Labs be named in Mashable's Top 8 Social Small Businesses in America[20] and with Grado's headphone release of The e Series.[21][22][23]


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