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Jonathan Gruber[1] has directed award-winning[2] documentary films, commercials, and videos.

Projects that Gruber directed and produced have screened at festivals and in theaters nationwide and around the world,[3] and have aired on PBS,[4] The History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Networks, and more.

His film, Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story, was an in depth look into the private life of the man who became the hero and pivotal strategist in the Israeli rescue of the Israeli hostages[5] from Entebbe, Uganda following the hijacking of an Air France plane by Palestinian militants, which Idi Amin permitted to land in his country.[6] After the Jewish and Israeli passengers were separated and threatened, the Israeli government quickly devised Operation Entebbe, which ended with the rescue of the passengers, but the death of Netanyahu. The film won awards at several national film festivals.[2][7]

Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray,[8] another film that he directed, wrote, and produced, is currently airing on PBS stations nationally.

Projects in Development[edit]

  • A Deal with the Devil,[9][10] a modern history of the colossal German corporation I.G. Farben, spanning 150 years
  • the daring story of Soviet athletes who risked everything for freedom during the Cold War
  • a narrative of the Jewish-American experience as told through the lens of the more than 100-year-old Jewish newspaper, The Forward
  • the story of the most polluted lake in the United States — a tale of industry, politics, and the legacy of a people
  • A Different Drummer, a profile of a 1960s African-American, inner-city drum and bugle corps, and their 21st century revival
  • Miriam Beerman: A Painter’s Journey, which chronicles the evolution of a prolific, female artist over 70 years in a male-dominated profession[11]


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