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Jonathan Hare is a British physicist, science communicator and television presenter. He achieved a first from the University of Surrey, and worked with Harry Kroto at the University of Sussex for his PhD.[1] While Hare worked in Kroto's group for his PhD he was one of the first people to make and extract C60, Buckminsterfullerene, a football-ball shaped molecule.[2]

Jonathan Hare has worked behind the scenes on a number of television shows, as well as being one of the team of scientists on Rough Science and co-presenting Hollywood Science with Robert Llewellyn. He worked with the Vega Science Trust,[1] an educational charity set up in 1994 by Sir Harry Kroto with the aim of promoting science via television and the internet. Hare has recorded a set of modules for teachers or as part of internet workshops and has contributed to the GEOSET educational project and created a number of popular science education videos.

He presents about 100 talks and workshops a year both in the UK and abroad. He has written a regular series for the Royal Society of Chemistry as well as published in reviewed journals and in science and electronics magazines, such as Practical Wireless and Elektor.[3] He co-presents workshops at the Brighton Science Festival with the festival's creator Richard Robinson.[citation needed]

Hare is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). In 2000 Jonathan was awarded a NESTA Fellowship, in 2002 awarded an IOP Public Awareness of Physics Award and in 2006 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Hare (G1EXG) has been a licensed radio amateur since 1984.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Cascode pre-selector for 80m band, J. P. Hare, Practical Wireless, July. 2016
  • C60 Buckminsterfullerene: Some Inside Stories, Jonathan Hare's Chapter A10 - A PhD student's account of the C60 story 2015 Book edited by Harry Kroto, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.ISBN 978-981-4463-71-3 (Hardcover), ISBN 978-981-4463-72-0 (eBook)
  • Simple analysis of longboard speedometer data, J P Hare, Journal of Physics Education, IOP press, 48 (2013) 723-730.
  • Special Issue of Chemical Physics Letters - Nobel Prize articles, J P Hare, R Taylor and H W Kroto, Chemical Physics Letters 589 (2013) 56
  • Simple demonstration to explore the radio waves generated by a mobile phone, J P Hare, Journal of Physics Education, IOP press, 45 (2010) p. 481
  • Voice on a Sunbeam, J. P. Hare, Journal of Physics Education, IOP press, (2004) p. 242-246
  • Preparation and UV / visible Spectra of Fullerenes C60 and C70, J. P. Hare, H. W. Kroto, R. Taylor, Chem. Phys. Lett., 1991, 177, 394-398.
  • Isolation, Separation and Characterisation of the Fullerenes C60 and C70: The Third Form of Carbon, R. Taylor, J. P. Hare, A. K. Abdul-Sada, H. W. Kroto, J. Chem. Soc., Chemical Communications., 1990, 1423-1425


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