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Jonathan Harris in 2012

Jonathan Harris (born August 27, 1979 in Shelburne, Vermont[1]) is an Internet artist and designer living in Brooklyn, New York.


He has won three Webby Awards.[2] Harris was honored as "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum. His work has received coverage by CNN and BBC and has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In his own words, his work aims to "explore and explain the human world". He studied computer science at Princeton University. Some of his noted works are the Yahoo Time Capsule, which attempted to create a digital finger print of the world in 2006, I Want You To Want Me (2007), the Sputnik Observatory, Universe, the Whale Hunt, and anonymous question/answer service

In May 2007, Harris spent nine days living with a family of Inupiat people in Barrow, Alaska – there, he documented the ancient tradition of the whale hunt in a series of 3,214 photographs and later assembled them into an interactive database narrative and website.[3] The work, entitled "The Whale Hunt," combines "visual media, technology, and storytelling" in order to translate "an epic personal experience from the physical world" into an easily accessible artwork using the internet as a platform where unlimited people can view it.[3]

Public collections[edit]



  • Vermont State Quarter Design. Finalist (from over 800 contestants)


  • American Associated Collegiate Press . Leader of the American Student Press (for Troubadour Magazine)


  • AIGA Design Awards . Winner, Information Design (WordCount)


  • Fabrica . Treviso, Italy . Residency
  • Yahoo! . Pick of the Day (10x10)


  • Fabrica . Treviso, Italy . Fellowship
  • Webby Awards . Winner (People's Voice, Arts)
  • Webby Awards . Winner (Structure and Navigation)
  • Prix Ars Electronica . Honorable Mention (Net Vision)
  • ID Annual Design Review . Honorable Mention, Interactive Art (10x10)
  • Flash Forward . Winner, Technical Merit (10x10)
  • How Magazine Interactive Design Awards . Merit (10x10)
  • PC Magazine . Top 100 Websites of 2005 (WordCount)
  • Favorite Website Award . Pick of the Day (10x10)
  • Yahoo! . Pick of the Day (Understanding Vorn)
  • Yahoo! . Pick of the Day (Phylotaxis)


  • Webby Awards. Nominee (Structure and Navigation)
  • Webby Awards . Nominee (Net Art)
  • Pixel Awards . Winner (Weird)
  • Pixel Awards . Runner-up (Best in show)
  • Yahoo! . Pick of the Day (We Feel Fine)
  • Yahoo! . Pick of the Day (Lovelines)


  • Webby Awards. Nominee (Net Art)
  • Webby Awards. Nominee (Visual Design / Aesthetic)
  • Webby Awards. Nominee (Structure / Navigation)


  • Webby Awards. Winner (Personal site)
  • Webby Awards. Nominee (Visual design / Aesthetic)
  • Tokyo Type Directors Club . Winner (Interactive Design Prize)
  • Print Magazine . New Visual Artists
  • Creativity Magazine . Creativity Top 50
  • ID Magazine Annual Design Review . Honorable Mention (Interactive )


  • World Economic Forum . Young Global Leader
  • Santa Fe Art Institute . Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fellowship
  • Caldera . Sisters, Oregon . Fellowship


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