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For the academic of the same name, see Jonathan Kydd (academic).

Jonathan Kydd (born in 1956) is a British actor. He is the son of the actor Sam Kydd.

His first film was The Iron Maiden, in which he appeared aged six with his father. His mother, Pinkie, was one of England's first female advertising copywriters. She also played table tennis eleven times for England. She was the 1948 World Doubles Finalist with Hungarian Guisey Farkus.

Jonathan was the man who had his car buried in the sand in a 1989 AA commercial which ran for four years. He has also appeared in numerous radio and television series including: Pipkins, Chambers, Dial M For Pizza, Flying the Flag', The Quest, Jonathan Creek, Trial and Retribution and The Castle and "Cabin Pressure" He wrote 23 comedy songs for the comedian Brian Conley when he was appearing in his Saturday evening show in the early nineties, one of which was on the 1994 Royal Variety Show. He has written three musicals, "Hey Get a Life" which was on at the St Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin in 2000 which he also directed ('Convulsed with laughter from start to finish' IRISH TIMES) His musical "The Hard Boiled Egg and the Wasp" about the Victorian comedian Dan Leno' was on at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in 2012. ('even the blackest scenes drip with humour...intriguing new musical' THE STAGE) His children's musical written like Wasp with Andy Street, '27 Santas and an Elf called Kevin' is on this Christmas in the US in Peekskill and Mamaroneck in NY. He has acted in many sitcoms.including 'One Foot in the Grave' and 3 series of 'Smith and Jones' as one of the 'pals'. He voiced the cult Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's Reception television advertisement (including the immortal 'eccelente' line), and featured as the voice of Hagrid, Peeves the ghost, a death eater and sundry other wizards in all the Harry Potter computer games. His short film Ahaarrrr" (2007) appeared at seventeen international film festivals. His most recent short is 'Shakespeare's Wart'. He has voiced over 8,000 adverts, promos, documentaries, corporates, and CD rom games, (36 games) and has dubbed many films. He was a voice for L'Oreal adverts for 13 years. He sings and writes with comedy band "The Rudy Vees' having been in The Amazing Singing Dentists', 'The Bay Citee Molars' and 'The Kondos' who appeared on the finals of 'New Faces' in 1988, and played in his own band "Jonny Kydd", for whom he recorded a song for Chelsea FC called "Chelsea Blue". His album 'Eggshell Heart' was out in 2005. His Bay Citee Molars album 'Dentura Highway' was out in 2009. His new Rudy Vees album 'The Fists of Harmonious Righteousness' has two videos recorded from it: King of Thongs and Dance Like my dad. He was the voice of Paddington Bear in the cartoon series. His latest animation series are 'Mr Bean' and 'Warren United'. His latest TV appearance is in 'Holby City'. He regularly podcasts about football on the Chelsea Fancast. His spoof acting guru Nathan Burbage Sinclaire is on His website is regularly updated [1]


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