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Jonathan M. Shiff
OccupationTelevision producer
Known forJonathan M. Shiff Productions Edit this at Wikidata

Jonathan Mark Shiff, better known as Jonathan M. Shiff, is an Australian television producer of children's television series. After leaving his work as a lawyer, he founded his production company, Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, in 1988. His company produces programs for children and families, which are screened in 170 countries.[1]

Announcement of upcoming projects[edit]

Shiff has announced some projects related to the already produced series, such as Ocean Girl: A New Generation as well as a TV movie as final closing act for Mako Mermaids, and his first American production, which is actually the upcoming 2022 USA revival of H2O: Just Add Water, though no further details have been released so at this point it is unclear to say whether they will wrap up production at any point in the future.

While his professional homepage hints that a movie of 90 minutes length has been produced for Mako Mermaids,[2] the B2B-site that ZDF Enterprises — distributor of the H2O franchise — operates for said show, shows no sign of such movie produced.[3]

Shiff also hinted the Movie on social media.[4][5]



Title Year Credited as Network Notes
Creator Producer Executive
The Pandas: Fei Fei and Xiao Xiao China's Living Treasures 1988 No No Yes Documentary
Search for the World's Most Secret Animals 1989 No No Yes Documentary
Kelly 1991–92 No No Yes Network 10
Baby Bath Massacre 1994 No Yes No Television film
Ocean Girl 1994–97 Yes Yes Yes Network 10
Thunderstone 1999–2000 Yes Yes No Network 10
The New Adventures of Ocean Girl 2000 No No Yes Network 10
Horace and Tina 2001 No No Yes Network 10
Cybergirl 2001–02 Yes Yes Yes Network 10
Pirate Islands 2003 concept Yes Yes Network 10
Wicked Science 2004–06 concept Yes Yes Network 10
Scooter: Secret Agent 2005 concept Yes Yes Network 10
H2O: Just Add Water 2006–10 Yes Yes Yes Network 10
The Lost Treasure of Fiji 2007 No No Yes Network 10
The Elephant Princess 2008–11 Yes Yes Yes Network 10
Lightning Point 2012 No Yes Yes Network 10
Reef Doctors 2013 No Yes Yes Network 10
Mako: Island of Secrets 2013–16 developer Yes Yes Network 10
H2O: Mermaid Adventures 2015 No No Yes Netflix
The Bureau of Magical Things 2018–present Yes Yes Yes Eleven


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