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Jonathan F. Miller (born 1957)[1] was CEO of Digital Media at News Corp until 2012 and was the chairman and CEO of America Online from 2002 to 2006.[2][3]


From 1987 to 1993, Miller was vice president of programming and NBA Entertainment for the National Basketball Association.[4] From 1993 to 1997, he was Managing Director of Nickelodeon International, (a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks). In 1997 he joined USA Networks as manager of its local television stations.[5] From 2000 to 2002, Miller ran the Internet operations of Barry Diller's USA Networks, (now IACI and Expedia).[6]

In August 2002, when he was brought into AOL by Richard D. Parsons, he was relatively unknown.[7] Miller pursued a strategy of cutting costs and focusing on improving ad revenues over AOL's then-dominant subscription business.[8] In 2004, Miller oversaw the $435 million acquisition of[9] In 2006, he presided over layoffs of 5,000 people at AOL.[10] He bought Weblogs, Inc., and brought Jason Calacanis to AOL, and later invested in[11] In November 2006, he was replaced by Randy Falco. Miller led the company's change from a subscription-based model to an advertising-supported model.[8][12][13][14]

After his departure from AOL, Time Warner invoked a non-compete clause to prevent him serving on the Yahoo board of directors.[15][16] In 2008, he was looking for funding for a takeover of Yahoo, but was unsuccessful.[17]

In March 2009 Miller joined News Corp as Chief Digital Officer[18] to "oversee the broad strategic digital initiatives."[19] Miller was CEO of Digital Media at News Corp, including Fox Interactive Media and Hulu,[20][21] until his departure in August 2012.[22]


As of 2009, Miller was on the Board of Directors of Clickable, Idearc Media, Mahalo, Kosmix, YP Holdings, LLC and Hanley Wood, LLC. He was an advisor to General Atlantic LLC.[1] In 2012, he served on the boards of TripAdvisor and Shutterstock.[18]


Miller received the first Pioneer Prize in 2006, for his contributions to the field of interactive television at the International Interactive Emmy Awards at Mip TV in Cannes.[23]


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