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Jonathan Phang is a British food writer[1] and chef, best known for his television appearances.[2]

Early life[edit]

Phang was born in London. His father and his mother were from Guyana.[3] He began his career as a fashion agent, working with models such as Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Liv Tyler.[4]

Marchioness tragedy[edit]

In 1989, Phang arranged a friend's birthday party on board a pleasure boat on the River Thames, which ended in disaster and the death of many of his friends after the boat was struck by a larger vessel and sank. Phang himself was briefly under water and survived by clinging to a beer barrel.[5] In 2009, he made a documentary about the event for the BBC, called The Marchioness: A Survivor’s Story.

Media career[edit]

Phang was a judge on Britain's Next Top Model,[6] which received the RADAR Media Award for Best Factual Programming.[7] He wrote the cookbooks The Pepperpot Club: A Celebration of Caribbean Cuisine[8] and Jonathan Phang's Caribbean Cookbook.[9] He has been featured on Food Network[10] and SBS Food,[11] and in Good Housekeeping,[12] the Daily Express,[13] The Straits Times,[3] The New Paper,[14] Travel Weekly,[15] and Radio Diva.[16] He hosted the show Gourmet Trains.[17] In 2015, he was a presenter at the Wing Travel Awards ceremony.[18]


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