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Jonathan Rigby (born 1963) is an English actor and film historian who has written the following books - English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema (2000), Christopher Lee: The Authorised Screen History (2001), Roxy Music: Both Ends Burning (2005), American Gothic: Sixty Years of Horror Cinema (2007), Studies in Terror: Landmarks of Horror Cinema (2011) and Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema (2016). An expanded version of English Gothic was issued in 2015 with a different subtitle, Classic Horror Cinema 1897-2015. He has been described in Video Watchdog magazine as occupying 'a proud place in the advance guard of film researchers, writers and critics.'[1]

In his parallel career as an actor, Rigby played Kenneth Horne throughout the eighteen-month run of the West End hit Round the Horne ... Revisited (2003-05);[2] the production was adapted for BBC Four[3] and featured in the 2004 Royal Variety Performance.[4] In 2008-09 he reprised the role in a new stage show called Round the Horne - Unseen and Uncut and in the BBC Radio special Twice Ken is Plenty.[5]

Rigby's stage adaptation of Dracula toured during 1997, the original novel's centenary year, and in 2013-14 he directed a successful revival of the forgotten Sylvia Rayman play Women of Twilight.[6] He is also an Associate Research Fellow of the Cinema and Television History Research Centre at De Montfort University, Leicester,[7] and has contributed audio and/or video commentaries to the DVD/Blu-ray releases of a number of horror films. In 2010 he was series consultant on the three-part BBC Four documentary A History of Horror,[8] also making a brief appearance as Dracula in the opening episode; two years later he was programme consultant on the feature-length follow-up, Horror Europa.[9]


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