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Jonathan Sacks (born December 14, 1950) is an American composer and orchestrator.

Sacks has composed music for both concert hall (chamber and orchestral) and theater. As an orchestrator he has worked on many movies, including Seabiscuit, Cars and both X-Files films. Sacks was also an orchestrator for the Metallica live orchestral album S & M. He created orchestral arrangements for orchestras to play behind Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. He is currently setting Shakespeare sonnets to music in collaboration with L.A.-based producing and performing ensemble, JACK, for a show in development called 14 Lines.


Sacks studied at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, with post-graduate compositional studies under Kenneth Gaburo and Roger Reynolds.


5th (S)EASON, his first CD collection of his own music. Spanning three decades, they range from an early avant garde piece to ambitious tone poems for full orchestra, and include chamber works that are by turns moving, beguiling, meditative, and provocative. As a composer, Sacks creates music that often seeks to carry messages across long distances and sometimes broken terrain, often coming across very ethereal and cinematic.

Principal works[edit]


  • 5th (S)eason (2008)
  • New American Works for Clarinet (Compilation) (2007)