Jonathan Schanzer

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Jonathan Schanzer
Jonathan Schanzer
BornJuly 2nd, 1972
NationalityUnited States
OccupationAuthor and senior vice president, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Jonathan Schanzer is an American author and senior vice president of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.[1]

Professional overview[edit]

He was a Research Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.[2]

Views on Hamas[edit]

In a research paper titled "The Talibanization of Gaza: A Liability for the Muslim Brotherhood", Schanzer wrote that while Ismael Haniyeh officially denied that Hamas intended to establish an Islamic emirate, since the 2007 coup, the Gaza Strip has exhibited the characteristics of Talibanization, whereby the Islamist organization imposed strict rules on women, discouraged activities commonly associated with Western or Christian culture, oppressed non-Muslim minorities, imposed sharia law, and deployed religious police to enforce these laws.[3]


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