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Jonathan Sweet is an Australian actor best known as a character actor and for his supporting roles.


Sweet's early career break was in a 1969 episode of the Australian cult TV classic Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.[citation needed]

Sweet co-starred in the 1969 TV series Riptide,[citation needed] an Australian production starring the American actor Ty Hardin as Moss Andrews, the owner of a charter boat. Sweet played Neil Winton, a medical student who gets into trouble with some criminals and is helped out by Andrews. Winton is later given a job on the charter boat by Andrews.

Sweet was cast in the 1985 TV mini-series Anzacs,[citation needed] portraying a former British soldier of the Royal Kent Regiment named Wallace who had murdered his commanding officer in Afghanistan in 1907 and then fled to Australia to live under the assumed name of Bill Harris. Harris enlists in the First Australian Imperial Force at the outbreak of the First World War and serves first as a Private before reluctantly rising to the rank of Company Sergeant Major by war's end. Harris (as Wallace) had just been made Company Sergeant Major before murdering his CO in 1907 and was reluctant to accept promotion during WW1, even turning down a promotion to Lance corporal soon after arriving in France, for fear someone would recognise him as CSM Wallace, which eventually happened in 1918 though he wasn't reported. After this he confessed to fellow 8th Batalian member Lieutenant Flanaghan (Jon Blake) who he really was and what had happened in 1907. Flanaghan keeps his secret.

Sweet was also cast as Sergeant Thomas in the 1990 Tom Selleck movie Quigley Down Under.[citation needed]

Sweet has been cast as a supporting actor in a number of popular Australian TV series including the long-running soap operas Prisoner and A Country Practice.[citation needed]

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