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Jonathan Van Ness
Jonathan Van Ness, 2018-04.jpg
Van Ness in April 2018
Born (1987-03-28) March 28, 1987 (age 31)
Alma materAveda Institute
  • Hairdresser
  • television personality
Years active2013–present
TelevisionQueer Eye

Jonathan Van Ness (born March 28, 1987)[1] is an American hairdresser, podcaster, and television personality. He is known for the web series parody Gay of Thrones, hosting the Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness podcast, and as the grooming expert on the Netflix series Queer Eye.[2]

Early life[edit]

Van Ness was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois.[3] He was the first male cheerleader at Quincy Senior High School and continued this activity in college.[4][5]

Van Ness attended the University of Arizona, majoring in political science. Due to his habit of skipping class to watch reruns of The Golden Girls, his grades fell and he lost his cheerleading scholarship. Van Ness subsequently dropped out after one semester to pursue hairstyling.[6][7] He trained at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis.[8] After graduating,[9] he worked in Arizona for 5 years,[10] before moving to Los Angeles, California in 2009.[4]


Upon his arrival with no work arrangement or plan in Los Angeles, he found a job as a personal assistant at Sally Hershberger Salon.[4][9] He currently works at MoJoHair and Stile Salon, both in Los Angeles, which he co-founded with Monique Northrop at Arte Salon in New York City.[9]

In 2013, Van Ness was working on the hair of his friend Erin Gibson, who worked for the comedy website Funny or Die.[4] Gibson asked him to perform his recap of a Game of Thrones episode for Funny or Die, which became the Gay of Thrones web series.[11] Van Ness was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series in 2018 for the series.[12][13]

Since 2015, Van Ness has hosted the weekly podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.[14] His podcast took off upon the airing of the first Queer Eye episode.[15]

Van Ness currently stars as the grooming expert on the Netflix revival of Queer Eye.[16]

Personal life[edit]

Van Ness has always been openly gay[4] and was bullied throughout school to the point of receiving death threats. He used humor as a coping mechanism and relied on a small group of close friends to support him through it.[6] He currently works between Los Angeles and New York City.[17] He suffers from psoriasis.[18]



Year Title Role Notes
2013–2017 Gay of Thrones Jonathan Series regular, 45 episodes
2014 I Love the 2000s Himself Series regular, 10 episodes
2016 Last Will and Testicle Testicle Episode: "Acceptance"
2018–present Queer Eye Himself Series regular, 16 episodes
2018 Nailed It! Himself Contestant, Episode: "3, 2, 1... Ya Not Done!!"
2019 Lip Sync Battle Himself Contestant, Season 5, Episode 1

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Artist
2018 "This Is Me (The Reimagined Remix)" Keala Settle, Kesha, & Missy Elliott

Podcast episodes[edit]


Episode # Date aired Title Guest
1 December 15, 2015 "What's the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims & why don't they love each other?" Professor James Gelvin
2 December 23, 2015 "What Was The First Christmas Really Like?" Father Waylon


Episode # Date aired Title Guest
3 January 6, 2016 "Internet Security: What's Her Story?" Samantha Corbin
4 January 20, 2016 "What's a Menstrual Cup?" Sullivan Oakley
5 February 3, 2016 "Who is Bernie Sanders?" Elizabeth Kaye
6 February 17, 2016 "What is Agent Orange?" Courtney Marsh
7 March 1, 2016 "Who Were the Romanovs and What Happened to Them, Honey?" Professor Brad Damare
8 March 15, 2016 "What's It Like to be a Comedic Legend?" Margaret Cho
9 March 22, 2016 "What Constitutes an Eating Disorder?" Ilon Varo
10 April 5, 2016 "What are Strokes?" Dr. Lina Nih
11 April 19, 2016 "What is Gender Identity?" Ian Harvie
12 May 4, 2016 "What is it Like Living in China?" Scarlett Wang
13 May 18, 2016 "What is United Shades of America?" W. Kamau Bell
14 June 1, 2016 "What's it Like Being a Cancer Survivor?" Byron Lane
15 June 15, 2016 "What are Gravitational Waves and LIGO for Dummies?" Professor Alan Weinstein
16 June 29, 2016 "What's #Brexit?" Mary O'Hara
17 July 13, 2016 "What is Gun Control and Everytown?" Andrei Berman and Taylor Maxwell
18 July 27, 2016 "What's Going on in Brazil?" Carla Dauden
19 August 10, 2016 "What's Going on in HIV Research?" Kayla McLaughlin
20 August 24, 2016 "Mass Extinction: What's Her Story?" Dr. Leryn Gorlitsky
21 September 7, 2016 "How Do You Navigate Dating and Love?" Stan Tatkin
22 September 21, 2016 "What's it Like Modeling in Today's Fashion Industry?" Denise Bidot
23 October 5, 2016 "What's It Like Living in America Undocumented?" Erick Zerecero
24 October 19, 2016 "How Do You Overcome Lupus?" Mercedes Yvette
25 November 2, 2016 "What're the Down Ballot and Initiative Issues for 2016?" Greg Srolestar
26 November 16, 2016 "What the T Over at Marie Claire?" Wanyi Jiang
27 November 30, 2016 "What Was Your Journey to Becoming a Writer?" Christopher Bernard
28 December 14, 2016 "How Do You Interact With Vulnerability?" Kyle Kreiger
29 December 28, 2016 "How Was YOUR 2016?" Zoe Jarman


Episode # Date aired Title Guest
30 January 11, 2017 "What Are You Up To, Lizzo?" Lizzo
31 January 25, 2017 "How Do you Find your Personal Style" Orlando Soria
32 February 3, 2017 "Who's Throwing Shade?" Erin Gibson
33 February 8, 2017 "How Did You Start With Psychedelics?" Shane Mauss
34 February 22, 2017 "What Was Jonathan Like As a Kid?" Mary Winters
35 October 10, 2017 "What's Going on in the Middle East Right Now?" Dr. James Gelvin
36 October 26, 2017 "What's the Giant Fuss About Artificial Intelligence?" Dr. Ori Amir
37 November 8, 2017 "Atlanic Pirates - What's the T?" Rebecca Simon
38 November 23, 2017 "How Did LA Become a Driving Dependent City?" Christina Copland
39 December 7, 2017 "How Come I Don't Know About the Armenian Genocide?" Dr. Richard Hovannisian
40 December 20, 2017 "Taking Care of Yourself Chinese-Style" Dr. Teresa Wlasiuk


Episode # Date aired Title Guest
41 January 4, 2018 "What's Up with the Opioid crisis?" Dr. Chris Evans
42 January 18, 2018 "What Do White People Need to Know About Racism?" Andrew Ti
43 February 5, 2018 "What's it Really Like to be a Woman in the Military?" Linsau Rousseau
44 February 14, 2018 "Why Does it Hurt So Bad?" Professor Catherine Cahill
45 February 23, 2018 "What Was it Like Being a VJ?" Dave Holmes
46 March 8, 2018 "Is it Really a China Vs. America World?" Ryan Patel
47 March 22, 2018 Why's the Bail System Such a Hot Mess? Tim Molina
48 April 4, 2018 "Where Are You From, Antoni?" Antoni Porowski
49 April 11, 2018 "What Makes a Cult a Cult?" Dr. Natalie Feinblatt
50 April 18, 2018 "How can we be less rude to bees?" Professor James Nieh
51 April 25, 2018 "Has Britain Screwed Itself With Brexit?" Mary O'Hara
52 April 30, 2018 "What's It Like to Do A Triple Axel?" Mirai Nagasu
53 May 9, 2018 "Who Gave You Permission to be So Cute?" Karamo Brown
54 May 16, 2018 "Who Was the Beyonce of Renaissance Art?" Professor Lisa Boutin Vitela
55 May 23, 2018 "How Does Egg Donor Meet Egg 19 Years Later, Hunties?" Amy Throckmorton and Elizabeth Gaba
56 May 30, 2018 "Is Saudi Arabia Cute Now?" Professor James Gelvin
57 June 6, 2018 "Gender Bias in Film Scoring, What's Her Story?" Jessica Rae Huber
58 June 13, 2018 "British English and American English - What's the Diff?" Helen Zaltzman
59 June 18, 2018 "Who Are You, Tan?" Tan France
60 June 27, 2018 "How to Cut Suicide Rates Among LBGTQ Youth?" Amit Paley
61 July 4, 2018 "How to Apply Ethics to Everyday Life?" Dr. Ryan Huber
62 July 10, 2018 "Did Social Media Make Artists Need to Become Business People Too?" Austyn Weiner
63 July 17, 2018 "How Does Traumatic Family Separation Affect Children?" Dr. Elizabeth Barnert
64 July 24, 2018 "What's Your Origin Story?" Bobby Berk
65 July 31, 2018 "What Goes into a Song?" Hrishikesh Hirway
66 August 7, 2018 "How are the GOP Planning to Keep the Democrats Out of the Midterms?" Tina Nguyen
67 August 14, 2018 "Why is Abstinence Still Being Used to Treat Addiction?" Dr. Adi Jeffe
68 August 21, 2018 "How Did Kim Kardashian Break the Internet?" Drew Elliott
69 August 28, 2018 "Why Are There So Many Questions?" Justin Theroux
70 September 4, 2018 "What's it Like Being the Voice of a Generation?" Michelle Wolf & Florence Welch
71 September 11, 2018 "Being a Fierce Woman in Comedy?" Nicole Byer & Erin Gibson
72 September 18, 2018 "How Are You Bridging Social Media & Lady-Entrepreneurship?" Reese Witherspoon

Awards and honors[edit]


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