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Jonathan Vernon-Smith (born 14 November 1979[1], Welwyn Garden City), known to his listeners as JVS, is a radio presenter for BBC Three Counties Radio and BBC Radio Northampton.

Broadcasting Career[edit]

The JVS Show (2008 - Present)[edit]

The JVS Show started on BBC Three Counties Radio in 2008[2], and now occupies the weekday 'mid-morning' slot between 9am and 12pm on the station. The show is largely topical and focuses on the biggest news stories of the day, and is consistentley the most listened to show on the BBC iPlayer for the station.

The JVS Show won the Silver winner of the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2013 for ‘Best Speech Programme’ and Gold for ‘Best Mid-Morning Show’ at the Gillard Awards.

Vernon-Smith is a consumer champion. During the final hour of the show he battles with the UK’s biggest companies to make them address the poor customer service and treatment his listeners have received. The programme is overwhelmed with people from across the country who want his help – many of those come from far beyond the station’s geographical boundaries of Beds, Herts and Bucks.

The Ern & Vern Show (2001 - 2009)[edit]

The Ern & Vern show was a controversial, but popular comedy show originally broadcast on BBC Three Counties Radio, then simulcast across the Eastern Counties. Born out of a good friendship with veteran presenter Ernie Almond, who had earlier worked with Vernon-Smith on 'The Club' and 'The Sunday Roast', Ern & Vern often received a number of complaints, and in 2009 the show ended[3], partly due to the 'Ross and Brand Scandal' that plagued the BBC at the time[4], with only one revival special broadcast on Boxing Day 2015[5].

Treasure Quest (2011 - Present)[edit]

Since 2011, Vernon-Smith has hosted popular Saturday morning show 'Treasure Quest'. His tenure on the show began when it was only originally broadcast on BBC Radio Northampton, with Annabel Amos. However, in 2014, the Three Counties 'Treasure Quest' was scrapped and a joint version was launched on 28th June that year[6], after a trial show on the Easter Monday.[7]. The show is simulcast across both stations, with only the hourly news coming from each station.

A clip from the show have been used on Scott Mills' BBC Radio 1 show feature 'Innuendo Bingo'[8]. This is due to various fictional characters, who are used as a constant innuendo on the show. Les, who is the question-master, owns a dog named 'Dick' and a wife called 'Linda'. Other characters include Waynetta[9], who manages the complaints about the show.

Personal Life[edit]

Vernon-Smith lives in Harpenden, Hertfordshire with his dog Poppy and cat Pip.


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