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Jonathan Vernon-Smith (born 14 November Welwyn Garden City), known to his listeners as JVS, is a radio presenter for BBC Three Counties Radio and BBC Radio Northampton.

Vernon-Smith was a Silver winner of the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2013 for ‘Best Speech Programme’ and Gold winner for ‘Best Mid-Morning Show’ at the Gillard Awards.

Vernon-Smith's mid-morning programme at BBC Three Counties Radio, the JVS Show, is the most popular BBC local radio show with online listeners outside of London. Over the last 8 months he has received the station’s highest ever Rajar figures in 6 years.

The JVS Show is largely topical and focuses on the biggest stories of the day. He is trusted and loved by his listeners [citation needed] who share their inner most secrets and real life experiences with him every day. The message is very much along the tenor of Daily Mail populism, delivered to a demographic, who struggle with nuance, in contrast preferring black and white opinion.

Vernon-Smith is a consumer champion. Daily he battles with the UK’s biggest companies to make them address the poor customer service and treatment his listeners have received. His investigations have made national news. The programme is overwhelmed with people from across the country who want his help – many of those come from far beyond the station’s geographical boundaries of Beds, Herts and Bucks. He makes the kind of radio you want to tell others about. A clip of a caller to his programme was shared worldwide and has been listened more than 142,000 times. Janet, Ralph and Pippa enjoy listening to the show and Janet has once said "JVS brings a smile to my face with some of the crazy phone inns he has".


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