Jondal Tunnel

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Jondal Tunnel
Map of the tunnel
LocationHordaland, Norway
Coordinates60°11′43″N 6°15′01″E / 60.1953°N 6.2502°E / 60.1953; 6.2502Coordinates: 60°11′43″N 6°15′01″E / 60.1953°N 6.2502°E / 60.1953; 6.2502
StatusIn use
StartTorsnes, Jondal
EndNordrepollen, Kvinnherad
Work begunOctober 2009
Opened7 September 2012
OperatorNorwegian Public Roads Administration
Toll100 kr (small vehicles), 200 kr (large vehicles)
Length10,400 metres (6.5 mi)
No. of lanes2
Tunnel clearance4.6 metres (15 ft)

The Jondal Tunnel (Norwegian: Jondalstunnelen) is a road tunnel in the Hardanger region of Hordaland county, Norway. The tunnel is part of Norwegian County Road 107. The 10.4-kilometre (6.5 mi) long tunnel was built to offer a better route between the cities of Bergen and Oslo. Cars can drive from Bergen to Tørvikbygda, then take a ferry to Jondal, then go through this tunnel, then a short drive to the Folgefonna Tunnel before getting to the town of Odda. From there it is a short drive to the European route E134 highway which leads to Oslo.[1]

Work on the tunnel began in October 2009. The tunnel was opened on 7 September 2012 by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The project cost almost 806.6 million kr. For the first 15 years of its use (until 2027), there is a toll for using the tunnel: 100 kr for small vehicles and 200 kr for large vehicles.[2]


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