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Big Spring Park in Downtown

An extension collection of parks and greenways exists in Huntsville, Alabama for the public's recreational use.


Parks within Huntsville city limits[edit]

The city of Huntsville currently has 57 parks which cover over 3,000 acres of land.[1][2]

Park Name Location Address Acreage Playground Walking Trails Number of Fields and Courts Notes
Soccer Football Baseball Softball Basketball Tennis
Archer Park Southwest 3315 Archer Dr 3.62 Yes No 1 2
Beirne Ave Park Northeast 330 Beirne Av 1.68 Yes No 1 2 Located across the Street from Goldsmith Schiffman Field
Bell Mountain Park Southwest 2560 Redstone Rd 30.05 Yes No 1 1 2 2
Bicentennial Park Downtown 315 Fountain Cir 0.30 No No Passive Greenspace
Big Spring Park Downtown 200 Church St 17.96 No Yes Passive Greenspace
Brahan Spring Southwest 500 Drake Av 169.92 Yes No 3 1 5 5 6 outdoor volleyball fields and 2 playgrounds
Buchanan Park Southwest 10044 Fielding Dr 3.97 Yes No 1 1 2
California Street Park Southeast 708 California St 2.00 Yes No 1 2
Cavalry Hills Park Northwest 2800 Poplar Av 6.91 Yes No 2 1 2
Chelsea Park Southwest 2851 Chelsea Ln 3.50 Yes No 1 1
Cove Park Southeast 834 Old Highway 431 98.04 Yes No 1 2 2
Creekwood Park Northwest 360A Harvestwood Ct 71.88 Yes Yes Disc Golf Course, Passive Greenspace, Dog Park, connects to Indian Creek Greenway
Downtown Dog Spot Downtown 200 Cleveland Av 1.50 Yes No Passive Greenspace, Dog Park
Dr. Richard Showers, Sr. Park Northwest 4600 Blue Spring Rd 17.70 Yes Yes 1 1 Outdoor Exercise facility
Fern Bell / Fern Gulley Park Southwest 6900 Whitesburg Dr 14.20 Yes No 3 4 3 2 multipurpose fields
Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary Southeast Taylor & Terry Drake 375.7 No Yes Passive Greenspace
Halsey Park Southeast 435 White St 0.2 No No Passive Greenspace
Hastings Park Southwest 2801 Hastings Rd 0.34 Yes No
Hays Nature Preserve Southeast 7153 Hwy 431 S 552.35 No Yes Passive Greenspace, connects to Big Cove Creek Greenway and Flint River Greenway
Hermitage Park Southeast 915 Kennamer Dr 4.11 Yes No 1
Hillendale Park Northwest 2811 Holmes Av 0.39 Yes No
Holmes Avenue Park Northwest Holmes Av 2.9 Yes No 1 1
James C. Crawford Park Northeast 3915 Melody Rd 8.33 Yes No 1 1 formerly Edmonton Heights Park
John Hunt Park Southwest 2151 Airport Rd 428.01 Yes Yes 21 2 2 Outdoor Exercise facility and a multipurpose field
Jones Family Park Southeast 33 No Yes Passive Greenway, will be part of the future Aldridge Creek greenway expansion
Ken Johnston Park Southeast 1100 Mt. Gap Rd 18.36 Yes No Outdoor Exercise facility, Trail head for Aldridge Creek greenway
Kent Roberson Park Southwest 7620 Logan Dr 13.68 Yes No 2 2 2 Also known as "Logan Park"
Kids' Space Southwest 2010 Airport Rd 0 Yes No Located within John Hunt Park
Kiwanis Soccer Park Southwest 4201 Bob Wallace Av 6.39 No No 1
Knox Creek Park Northwest 180 Greenbank Dr 26.76 Yes No 1
Lakewood Park Northwest 2225 York Rd 32.45 Yes No 2 3 1 multipurpose field
Lewter Park Northeast 1501 Wellman Av 0.52 Yes No formerly Wellman Park
Maple Hill Park Southeast 1351 Mcclung Av 8.64 Yes No Also known as "Dead Children's Playground," 1 multipurpose field
Maplewood Park Northwest 4943 N Mem Pkwy 9.5 Yes No 1
Mastin Lake Park Northwest 3315 Watson Dr 31.73 Yes No 1 2 2
Mayfield Park Southwest 550 Thornton Av 8.88 Yes No 2 2
McGucken Park Southeast 13020 Bailey Cove Rd 37.1 Yes Yes 2 1 2 3 2 accesses Aldridge Creek Greenway
Meadow Hill Park Northwest Medaris Rd 1.06 Yes No 1 1
Merrimack Park Southwest 3501 Triana Blvd 46.8 Yes No 10 Also known as "Huntsville Park"
Metro Kiwanis Sportsplex Southwest 3590 Patton Rd 64.92 Yes No 6
Oak Park Northeast 2250 Oakwood Av 9.2 Yes No 2 2
Oakmont Park Northwest 2224 Euclid Rd 3.72 Yes No
Ogden Park Southwest 5251 Triana Blvd No No 1 1 multipurpose field
Optimist Park Northeast 703 Oakwood Av 8.5 Yes No 1 Playground good size for toddlers, small equipment
Philpot Park Northeast 1211 Philpot Av 4 Yes No 2 Also known as "Chapman Park"
Pine Park Southwest 3951 Pine Av 2.34 Yes No
Robert E. Lee Cramer Jr. Park Southeast 600 Meridian St 2.8 Yes No A part of "Gateway Greenway"
Sandhurst Park Southwest 2928 Green Cove Rd 17.1 Yes No 1 2
Scenic Overlook Southeast 2251 Governors Dr 4.5 No No Passive Greenspace
Scenic View Park Northwest 2705 Scenic View Dr 5.1 Yes No 1
Sherwood Park Northwest 325 Town and Country Dr 5 Yes Yes 1 1 Also known as "Forest Park"
Skatepark Downtown 200 Cleveland Av 0.66 No No
Stoner Park Northwest 3715 Bragg St 67.62 Yes No 1 1 6 4 2
University Park Northwest 4419 Saundralane Dr 10.74 Yes No 1 4 A part of UAH
Veteran's Park Downtown 200 Monroe St 2.64 No No formerly Gateway Park, accesses Gateway Greenway, Passive Greenspace
Willow Park Southeast 1928 Aftonbrae Dr 9.34 Yes Yes 2 2 1 multipurpose field
Windsor Manor Park Northwest 6500 Pisgah Dr 7.99 No 1 1 2

Proposed parks[edit]

  • Capshaw Road Park
  • Zierdt Road Park

Current greenways[edit]

As of November 2013, there are 9 greenways with 26 miles (42 km) of trail.

Aldridge Creek Greenway[edit]

Aldridge Creek Greenway is a 103.55 acre greenway[3] consisting of a 4.25-mile-long (6.84 km) walking and biking trail in South Huntsville that runs along Aldridge Creek connecting Ken Johnston Park to Ditto Landing and the Tennessee River. The greenway runs north along Aldridge Creek from the main trailhead for 1.25 miles to the sidewalk on the west side of Bailey Cove Road just north of Country Lane Drive and south to the entrance of Ditto Landing, about 3.5 miles. The address of the park is 1100 Mountain Gap Road at Ken Johnston Park just west of Bailey Cove Road. Parking is also available on the south end of the greenway at Ditto Landing and additional parking is located behind Challenger School on Chaney Thompson Road.

The city had planned to continue the greenway north to connect to Atwood Linear Park Greenway. However, Valley Hill Country Club will not allow the city to expand the greenway through their golf course. The city has plans to construct future segments of the greenway from the current north terminus to the east end of Esslinger Road.

Atwood Linear Park Greenway[edit]

Atwood Linear Park Greenway is a 0.9-mile-long (1.4 km) trail[4] that connects Jones Family Park to the Valley Hill Country Club. The trail is a muti-use walking and biking trail that runs along Atwood Drive in the Jones Valley area of Southeast Huntsville. Parking is available at Jones Family Park on the north side of Four Mile Post Road.

Big Cove Creek Greenway[edit]

Big Cove Creek Greenway is a 53-acre greenway in southeast Huntsville's Hampton Cove subdivision that runs along Big Cove Creek north to just south of Caldwell Lane. There is a multipurpose walking and biking trail that is 2.86 miles (4.60 km) long[5] that connects the Flint River greenway to the Hampton Cove community. The city of Huntsville plans to extend the greenway north to Monte Sano Mountain and connect it to the existing Arrowhead trail.

Flint River Greenway[edit]

The Flint River Greenway is one of the newest greenways in the city of Huntsville. It is located in southeast Huntsville in the Hampton Cove subdivision. Currently, there is a 1.87-mile-long (3.01 km) walking and biking trail[6] connecting Old US 431 to the Big Cove Creek Greenway in the Hays Nature Preserve where parking is available. The city of Huntsville plans to extend the greenway south along the Flint River to eventually connect to the Tennessee River greenway.

When completed, the greenway will be 36.0 miles (57.9 km) long and contain canoe launch sites spaced throughout the length of the greenway.

Gateway Greenway[edit]

Gateway Greenway is a 0.6 miles (0.97 km) long trail that connects Veterans Park to Pratt Avenue[7] in downtown Huntsville. Parking is available along Meridian Street.

Indian Creek Greenway[edit]

Indian Creek Greenway
Indian Creek Greenway Huntsville.jpg
Type Public Greenway
Location Huntsville, Alabama
Area 61.68 acres (0.10 sq mi)

Indian Creek Greenway is a series of greenways that make up 3.77 miles (6.07 km) of walking and biking trails in West Huntsville.[8] The north section of the greenway is located in the Providence subdivision off of University Drive. The larger, south section of the greenway, which is 2.95 miles (4.75 km) long, runs from Creekwood Park to Old Madison Pike just west of Cummings Research Park. Parking is available at the trail heads at Creekwood Park and off Old Madison Pike east of Slaughter Road.

Little Cove Road Greenway[edit]

Little Cove Road Greenway is made up of a 5.04 miles (8.11 km) long trail[9] that connects Big Cove Creek Greenway north to the Flint River in Southeast Huntsville. The greenway travels along Little Cove Road/Eastern Bypass/Old Hwy 431.

Tennessee River Greenway[edit]

The Tennessee River Greenway connects to the Aldridge Creek Greenway at Ditto Landing in South Huntsville and adds an additional 0.93 miles (1.50 km) of walking and biking trail that runs along the Tennessee River.[10] This greenway connects Ditto Landing to the Madison County Marina. Parking is available at Ditto Landing. The City of Huntsville plans to extend the greenway south along the river and will end at the Flint River, where it will eventually connect to the Flint River greenway.

Wade Mountain Greenway[edit]

In North Huntsville lies nearly 5.5 miles (8.9 km) of greenway known as Wade Mountain Greenway with 1 mile (1.6 km) of a paved trail and 4.375 miles (7.041 km) is an unpaved hiking trail.

Proposed greenways[edit]

  • Barren Fork / Miller Branch - Southwest Huntsville near Huntsville International Airport that will connect Martin Road with Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge
  • Betts Spring Branch Greenway - Southwest Huntsville. Along with a proposed Madison City greenway of the same name, will connect to Indian Creek Greenway and Cummings Research Park.
  • Big Spring - Downtown Huntsville. This greenway will connect Big Spring Park to the Monte Sano Nature Preserve.
  • Blevins Gap - Hampton Cove/Jones Valley. This greenway will connect Big Cove Greenway to Blevins Gap Nature Preserve and Baliey Cove Road running along Cecil Asburn Drive.
  • Blue Spring Creek - Northwest Huntsville.
  • Broglan North - Northwest Huntsville.
  • Broglan South - West of Downtown Huntsville. This greenway will connect Holmes Avenue to Governors Drive.
  • Chapman Mountain - Northeast Huntsville. This greenway will connect Monte Sano State Park will Alabama A&M.
  • Dallas Branch - North of Downtown Huntsville.
  • Dry Creek Northwest Huntsville. This greenway will connect Providence and Indian Creek Greenway with Wade Mountain.
  • Huntsville Spring Branch - West Huntsville. This greenway will run north/south connecting Downtown with Ditto Landing.
  • Knox Creek - West Huntsville near Athens. This greenway will run south of Capshaw Road connecting Limestone Creek with Wall Triana Highway.
  • Limestone Creek - Limestone County. This greenway will run 14 miles, connecting East Limestone to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.
  • McDonald Creek - Southwest Huntsville. This greenway will connect U.S. Space and Rocket Center with John Hunt Park.
  • Pinhook II - North of Downtown. This greenway will run north from Big Spring Park to Sparkman Drive.
  • Smithers Mountain - Northeast Huntsville.
  • Spacewalk I - East Huntsville. This greenway will connect the Burritt Museum and Monte Sano State Park with Blevins Gap.
  • Spacewalk II - East Huntsville. This greenway will connect Blevins Gap (Blevins Gap Nature Preserve) with Madison County Nature Trail.
  • Spacewalk III - East Huntsville. This greenway will connect Madison County Nature Trail with Ditto Landing.
  • Wallace Mountain - Southeast Huntsville. This greenway wil connect Spacewalk III with the Flint River.
  • Warparth Ridge - East Huntsville. This greenway will connect Monte Sano Nature Preserve with the Flint River.
  • Weatherly Mountain Greenway - South Huntsville.
  • Zierdt Road - West Huntsville.



Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary[edit]

The Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary is located in southeast Huntsville, near Hampton Cove, to the west of the Hays Nature Preserve.

Hays Nature Preserve[edit]

The Hays Nature Preserve, located in southeast Huntsville near the subdivision of Hampton Cove, is the city's largest and most undeveloped parklands.[14] The Flint River and Big Cove Creek greenways run through the nature preserve and connect with various hiking trails along the way.[15][16]

Monte Sano Nature Preserve[edit]

Located on Monte Sano Mountain, Monte Sano Nature Preserve covers 1,107 acres (448 ha) making it one of the largest urban nature preserves in the US, larger than Central Park. It includes over 25 miles (40 km) of trails for hiking and mountain biking, which connect to Monte Sano State Park and Burritt on the Mountain.[17]This Preserve is managed in partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama.

Wade Mountain Nature Preserve[edit]

Wade Mountain Nature Preserve is a series of greenways and trails that make up 5.375 miles (8.650 km) of walking and hiking trails in North Huntsville.[18] The trails are made up of 1-mile-long (1.6 km) paved trail and 4.375 miles (7.041 km) of unpaved hiking trails that lead up Wade Mountain to the Devil's Race Track. This Preserve is managed in partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama.