Jonny Double

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Jonny Double
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Showcase #78 (November 1968)
Created by Len Wein
Marv Wolfman
In-story information
Full name Jonathan Sebastian Double
Abilities Expert hand to hand fighter
Experienced police officer

Jonathan Sebastian "Jonny" Double is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. Created by Len Wein and Marv Wolfman, he first appeared in Showcase #78 (November 1968).[1]

Publication history[edit]

Double appeared in various other DC titles, including Challengers of the Unknown #74 (June–July 1970), Wonder Woman, and Kobra. Most recently Double was featured in Jonny Double: Two Finger Discount, a 1998 four-issue mini-series by Brian Azzarello (writer) and Eduardo Risso (artist), and published by Vertigo/DC Comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Jonny is an ex-police officer and now a down-on-his-luck private investigator working in San Francisco.[1] Deliberately anachronistic, his speech is laced with beatnik and 1960s hipster slang. As described in his first appearance in Showcase, Double is "a down-beat Don Quixote in a society that frowns on windmills. A once white knight in rusty armor searching for that last dragon to slay. The poor man's Peter Pan."

Jonny appeared in four issues of Wonder Woman.[2]

Vertigo limited series[edit]

In 1998, Brian Azzarello wrote a four-issue limited series starring Jonny Double, in which Jonny attempts to abscond with the money in an old bank account belonging to Al Capone.[3]


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