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Memorial to Jonny K.

Jonny K. was a man who was fatally beaten at Alexanderplatz in Mitte locality, Mitte borough, Berlin on October 14, 2012. Six people were criminally prosecuted for the beating.[1]

Jonny K. was a 20-year old Thai-German student.[2] He was a Buddhist and his mother was born in Thailand.[3]

Attack and arrests[edit]

He was with friends when one of them was attacked, and he received injuries when he attempted to help the friend.[2] The attack occurred close to a bar.[4] Jonny K. was hospitalised and succumbed to a brain hemorrhage.[2]

Police in Berlin arrested four of the accused. Another, Onur U., initially fled to Turkey.[2] Onur U., a Turkish citizen, was 19 years-old at the time,[4] and was an amateur boxer. Onur U. later said that he left Germany as he felt he was being presumed guilty.[1] In April 2013 the Turkish authorities extradited Onur U. to Germany.[4] Prosecutors stated that Onur U. was the primary culprit,[2] as he was the first to punch the victim.[1]

The trial began in May 2013. Two of the accused were charged with aggravated assault, and the remaining ones were charged with grevious bodily harm causing death.[2] The suspects were not charged with manslaughter nor murder as the court could not determine that they planned to kill the victim. The prosecution wanted a five and one half year for Onur U. while the prime suspect said he did not hit Jonny K.[1]

In June 2013 a mistrial was declared, therefore requiring the trial to occur again.[5] Sentencing occurred in August 2013. Onur U., classified as a juvenile, was sentenced to four and one half years. Five other men,[4] all of ages ranging from 19 to 24,[2] each received sentences with the highest being two years and eight months.[4]


According to Deutsche Welle, the killing "sparked outrage nationwide and triggered a new debate on youth violence."[2]

Johnny K.'s sister, Tina K. began anti-violence advocacy. She was a co-plaintiff in the criminal case against the suspects.[2]


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