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Jonny Smith

Jonny Smith is a motoring journalist and television presenter. He was one of the presenters on Channel 5 motoring programme Fifth Gear and has since presented Mud, Sweat and Gears for BBC America and Motorheads for BBC Worldwide. Jonny first worked for a custom and vintage VW magazine, becoming the editor after three years. He went on to work for magazine publisher EMAP, where he wrote features for magazines such as Max Power, Car magazine, Revs and Classic Cars. Smith appeared on Sky One's Movies' Greatest Cars in 2005, where he was noticed by North One Television (producers of Fifth Gear) and subsequently asked to attend a screentest.[1] Jonny hosted his own engineering-based documentary television series, called Industrial Junkie.[2] In March 2014, he began filming a new BBC America series with Tom Ford called Mud, Sweat & Gears: this was broadcast on BBC America during February and March 2015.

He is now one of the two main presenters on the web tv show Fully Charged.

Outside of television Jonny remains a motoring journalist and enjoys classic and custom cars as a hobby. Having owned over 130 cars, he built a classic electric hot rod called 'Jonny's Flux Capacitor'.[3] which is the world's quickest street legal EV. His other cars include a ratty '68 Dodge Charger, a V6 powered Austin Allegro, a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, Chevrolet Volt and a 1967 VW Beetle (owned since he was 16).[4][5]


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