Jonny Zero

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Jonny Zero
Created by Ken Sanzel
R. Scott Gemmill
Starring Franky G
Brennan Hesser
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 8
Running time 40 minutes
Original channel FOX
Original release January 14 – March 4, 2005 (2005-03-04)

Jonny Zero is an action-crime drama television series that aired on the Fox network in 2005. It starred Franky G, GQ, and Brennan Hesser. It was cancelled after eight episodes. It began airing on Monday nights on ABC TV in Australia in early 2007.


Jonny Calvo (Franky G) served four years in Sing-Sing Prison for killing a man. After release, he is determined to stay out of the criminal life; however his old boss, Garrett (Ritchie Coster), tries to lure him back to crime. FBI Agent Stringer (Chris Bauer) wants Jonny to be his informant so he can arrest Garrett on numerous criminal charges.

Upon his release from prison, Jonny tries to prove to his ex-wife and son that he is reliable, but his past catches up with him, causing him to have minimal contact with them. His parole officer, Gloria (Aunjanue Ellis), orders Jonny to find a job upon his release and soon Jonny ends up mopping floors at Captain Jack's, a pirate-themed restaurant for children. He soon meets another employee who calls himself, Random (GQ). The two soon become friends and Jonny decides that he will use his street smarts to help other people in need by starting his own private eye business. Random follows suit and allows Jonny to stay at his apartment. However, being a small private business, the money from clients is minimal and Jonny reluctantly decides to work for Garrett again, but making sure that crime will play no part in getting him thrown back in prison.

Jonny is soon sought after by a father looking for his daughter, Danni a.k.a. "Velvet" (Brennan Hesser) who works at strip joints and goth clubs. After much complications, she stops working at clubs and forms a friendship with Jonny and Random.

The series concentrates on Jonny trying to redeem himself by helping other people in need, staying away from crime and proving to his ex-wife and son that he has changed. [1]

Cast and crew[edit]

The series was created by Ken Sanzel and R. Scott Gemmill. Mimi Leder directed four episodes while R. Scott Gemmill wrote six episodes (some with the same episodes). Both persons have the highest amount of episodes for the series in their respective roles.

Main cast[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]


Fox aired only eight of the thirteen episodes, but during the show's run, the episodes were aired out of order sighting some continuity errors for example, the character of Todd. He died in the third episode aired but two episodes later was seen alive and well. Fox cancelled the series due to poor ratings as the show was put on the Friday night death slot.

Aired order Production order
  1. "Pilot"
  2. "No Good Deed"
  3. "La Familia"
  4. "Who's Your Daddy?"
  5. "I Did It All for the Nooky"
  6. "Bounty"
  7. "Lost and Found"
  8. "To Serve & Protect"
  9. "Diamonds & Guns" *
  10. "Man Up" *
  11. "Sins of the Father" *
  12. "Wired" *
  13. "Betrayal"*
  1. "Pilot"
  2. "Who's Your Daddy?"
  3. "Man Up"
  4. "I Did It All for the Nooky"
  5. "No Good Deed"
  6. "La Familia"
  7. "Bounty"
  8. "Lost and Found"
  9. "To Serve & Protect"
  10. "Diamonds & Guns"
  11. "Sins of the Father"
  12. "Wired"
  13. "Betrayal"

* Indicates that Fox did not air the episodes

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