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Jonstrup is a suburban neighbourhood situated in Furesø Municipality on the west side of Hareskoven forest in the northwestern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The original village has merged with the neighbouring villages of Måløv in Ballerup Municipality and Smørumnedre in Egedal Municipality to form an urban agglomeration with a population of 19,585 (2014). The neighbourhood is separated from Måløv by Mølledalen, Møllemosen, and Værebro å.


The "Indian Cottage" exhibition building

A textile factory was built in the village in the middle of the 18th century. It was destroyed in a fire in 1778 but reopened after being rebuilt in 1781. In 1809, it was converted into a teachers' academy, Jonstrup Seminarium, which moved to new premises in Kongens Lyngby in 1955. Conviently located close to the Værløse Air Base, the buildings in Jonstrup were then acquired by the Danish military and converted into the new Royal Danish Air Force Officers School. It moved to the nearby Jonstrup Camp (Jonstruplejren) in 1995. In 1998, Værløse Municipality acquired the building and converted it into a primary school.[1]


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Coordinates: 55°45′26″N 12°20′19″E / 55.7572°N 12.3386°E / 55.7572; 12.3386