Joo Hyun

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Joo Hyun
Born Joo Il-choon
(1943-03-01) 1 March 1943 (age 75)
Other names Ju Hyeon
Occupation Actor
Years active 1969–present
Stage name
Revised Romanization Ju Hyeon
McCune–Reischauer Chu Hyŏn
Birth name
Revised Romanization Ju Il-chun
McCune–Reischauer Chu Il-ch'un

Joo Hyun (born Joo Il-choon, 1 March 1943) is a South Korean actor.


Joo graduated from Konkuk University in Seoul, where he majored in political science and diplomacy. He began his acting career after being selected through a special recruiting program by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in 1969, making his debut the following year in Vietnam War Battlefield. In 1990 Joo played his first comedic role, giving a memorable performance in the KBS TV drama Seoul Ttukbaeki.[1][2]

Joo starred in the 2004 film A Family alongside Soo Ae, portraying a single father who has a troubled relationship with his daughter. His performance found favour with critics, with Darcy Paquet of saying, "in his accomplished handling of small details and the film's quieter moments, Joo succeeds in making the father a real person instead of a stereotype",[3] and in October 2005 won the award for Best Actor at the 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival.[1]

In 2006 Joo starred in the musical comedy film The Fox Family, learning to sing and dance during a month-long period of intensive training. He chose the film because the story was fun and uncoventional, and said, "it was fun to challenge myself and I don't have any regrets".[2]

Joo is the father of two children, having both a son and a daughter.[1]


Year Title Role
1970 Vietnam War Battlefield (TV)
1975 The North Korean Communists Party in Japan
1976 Cold Hearted Days
1977 Night Journey
1980 No Glory
1990 Seoul Ttukbaeki (TV)
1991 Han Hee-jak's Love Stories
1994 Emperor of Sae-al City
1997 Father vs Son
1998 Lie (TV) Joo Hyun-chul
1999 Did We Really Love? (TV) Lee Byung-kuk
Goodbye My Love (TV) Choi Hyun-su
Happy End Bookstore owner
2001 Friend
Hotelier (TV) President Choi
Sangdo (TV)
Wuri's Family (TV) Man-su
Out of Justice
2002 Saxophone (TV) Kang Kap-su
Let's Get Married (TV) Tak Song-baek
Saving My Hubby Baek-sa
2424 Kang Yong-gu
Solitude (TV) Min Sun-saeng
2003 Yellow Handkerchief (TV) Lee Woon-kyu
My Wife is a Gangster 2 Gosachae
Love Letter (TV) Dr. Jung Myung-woo
2004 More Beautiful Than a Flower (TV) Kim Do-chil
Sweet Sixties Bae Jong-dal
War of the Roses (TV) Oh Il-man
A Family Ju-seok
Love Story in Harvard (TV) Lee Yong-goo
2005 Wonderful Life (TV) Han Bum-soo
The Secret Lovers (TV) Suh Dal-koo
All for Love Mr. Kwak
2006 My Lovely Fool (TV) Dr. Park Pung-soo
The Fox Family Father
2007 A Happy Woman (TV) Choi Hyun-doo
Mapado 2: Back to the Island Park Dal-gu
Miracle on 1st Street
Several Questions That Make Us Happy (TV)
A Love
Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son (TV) Chaiman Kang
2008 Kokkiri (TV) Bok-man's father
Why Did You Come to My House (TV) Han Jin-tae
2015 Heart to Heart (TV) Go Sang-gyu
2016 Dear My Friends (TV) Lee Seong-jae
Dr. Romantic (TV) Shin Hwi-jang


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