Joo Se-hyuk

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Joo.
Joo Se-Hyuk
Joo Se-Hyuk.jpg
Personal information
Full name Joo Se-Hyuk
Nationality  South Korea
Born (1980-01-20) January 20, 1980 (age 35)
Playing style Shakehand grip
Highest ranking 5 (March 2012)[1]
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)[2]
Weight 68 kg (150 lb; 10.7 st)[2]

Joo Se-Hyuk (born January 20, 1980 in Seoul) is a South Korean table tennis player who has revolutionized the way players think about the defensive style.[2][3] As a singles player, he was the finalist at the 2003 World Table Tennis Championships and is a member of the South Korean National Team.[4] In the team event, he is an Olympic silver medalist from the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2006 and 2008 World Championships.[5]

Style of Play[edit]

Joo Se Hyuk is one of the revolutionary defensive table tennis players of recent years, he has utilized Modern equipment to help keep the declining defensive style alive and competing at professional level. He is essentially a defensive player that repeatedly returns the ball with backspin on both wings in an attempt to force an error from his opponent. Joo se Hyuk is famous for being the most successful defender in recent years with one of the heaviest backspin chops in the game, Notable Achievements include a runner up position in the 2003 singles world championships and a singles finalist in the 2010 and 2014 Asian games. Along with the heavy chops he can produce on both wings he also has a vicious aggressive topspin forehand at his disposal which is used to take advantage of any attacking opportunities that arise. As with many defenders, his long rallies and entertaining style of play has made him a fan favourite and is always able to draw a crowd. He is one of the only foreign players in recent years to challenge the Chinese elite, his talent and determination make him a force to be reckoned with.

Tournament history and credentials[edit]

  • 2001 ITTF World Championships, Top 150 overall
  • 2002 Asian Games, 2nd overall
  • 2003 ITTF World Championships, Men's Singles finalist, Runner-up[3]
  • 2006 Internationally ranked 15th overall as of January 2006[6]
  • 2006 ITTF Korean Open, Men's Singles 1st[3]
  • 2011 Men's World Cup Bronze Medalist
  • 2012 Ranked #5 in the world as of March 2012 (his highest ranking to date)!
  • 2014 Ranked #19 in the world (2377 ranking points)


Life History[edit]

Joo Se-Hyuk was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 20, 1980.[3] He stands 180 cm tall, and weighs 68 kg.[2] He enjoys playing table tennis, and first started competing when he was 8 years old. Becoming a national team player in 2001, fans began taking an interest in him for his dynamic defensive style.

Between April and May 2012, Joo Se Hyuk was diagnosed with Behçet's disease, Although Behcet's disease is known to be incurable, it appears that Joo Se Hyuk is still performing well. On the medical side, Joo Se Hyuk relies on glucocorticoids to manage his disease well.


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