Jook-sing noodles

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Jook-sing noodles
Chef making the noodles in the traditional method
TypeCantonese noodles
Place of originChina
Main ingredientsFlour, eggs (traditionally duck eggs)
Jook-sing noodles
Traditional Chinese竹昇麵
Simplified Chinese竹升面
Jyutpingzuk1 sing1 min6
Literal meaningbamboo rise noodle

Jook-sing noodles is a rare type of Cantonese noodle found in some parts of Hong Kong, Macau, and some parts of Canton in Guangdong province, China.


The noodle is made with eggs, traditionally made with duck egg, and is considered one of the rarer noodles in existence. Historically the chef rides a bamboo log to press the eggs, flour, and other ingredients together. As of 2008 in Hong Kong, only a few restaurants are left that make the noodles in the traditional manner.[1]

Use in dishes[edit]

One of the noodle's most popular combinations in a dish is jook-sing wonton noodles (竹昇雲吞麵).[1]


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