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Joondalup Health Campus is the largest health care facility in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The 650-bed hospital has featured combined public and private services since 1996. In March 2013, the new Joondalup Private Hospital opened next to the existing hospital, within the same campus.[1][2][3][4] The public and private hospitals share the emergency department, operating theatres and intensive care facilities.[4]


Joondalup Health Campus began in June 1996 when the state government appointed Health Care of Australia to upgrade and operate the existing Wanneroo Hospital. The hospital was renovated and expanded to include a private hospital, emergency department, medical centre, and community health centre. The hospital's campus is now run by Ramsay Health Care, which also operates Attadale Private Hospital, Glengarry Private Hospital, Peel Health Campus and Hollywood Private Hospital.[3]

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